03.10.09 Tomahawks

If FSU appeals and wins, the NCAA could re-try the case and impose new penalties. (Brian Landman) 

If FSU does win an appeal that it must vacate wins in 10 sports from 2006 and 2007, the NCAA says that the case could be kicked back to the Committee on Infractions by the appeals committee and that could mean additional scholarship reductions. After all, the Committee on Infractions said in its report that the scholarship cuts would have been "more stringent'' were it not for the vacating of games.

Want your Bowden people v. FSU people war?  This would be it.  We should not appeal this case.  The punishment fits the crime and is really just a slap on the wrist.

Lowndes County Stars Greg Reid and Geraldn Demps not concerned about the NCAA Sanctions (Valdosta Daily Times)

The NCAA sanctions will have almost no effect on the teams that Reid and Demps will be playing for, other than the loss of the scholarships.

The Seminoles will still be eligible to play in any bowl games — including the BCS National Championship game, if they qualify for it — and the conference championship game.

St. Pete Times Gary Shelton writes an article that looks like it came from Bobby Bowden's publicist. HT: FSUJab

T.K. Wetherell is confused with the NCAA ruling. Steve Ellis, Tallahassee Democrat

"I think the first step is that we're going to have a conversation with them to find out what exactly they mean by ineligible players, for instance," Wetherell said on Monday. "We think the vacation of games is something we need to have a conversation about.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have to appeal it. I think we all have the same interpretation. We're just saying it differently. That's what I think."

But NCAA spokesperson Stacy Osburn said last Friday that once a student-athlete commits a violation that would be the trigger for the player being ineligible. FSU is being asked to identify all games in which an illegal player participated in the 10 sports involved.

Wetherell sees the crux of this issue being that the university did not knowingly play ineligible players. Dennis Thomas, who served as the chair of the Committee on Infractions that handled FSU's case, said there was no evidence that FSU knowingly played ineligible players.

Steve Ellis:  Penalties could have been worse

But the NCAA only slightly messed with FSU's scholarship deduction - subtracting one more scholarship in football for example -- while not touching television and bowls with all its revenue and national exposure implications alone.

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