Monday Morning Tomahawks, 03.30.09

Steve Ellis has a nice article on the defense

In light of Saturday's story, I found these quotes interesting:

"They brought a lot of pressure. They had a lot of guys in the right spots. The defense is looking really well. They brought a lot of blitzes and we have to work on picking it up...", said Christian Ponder

Andrews is still concerned, however, about long plays resulting from creases and gaps:

"We've got too many creases and running lanes getting created," Andrews said. "We're a long ways from being what we've got to be against the run."

Creases and running lanes?  You don't say.  I wonder how a defense that is woefully undersized which resorts to running around blocks would be vulnerable to creases and cutback lanes?

POSITIVE NOTE (because sometimes we can be too focused on what must improve):  On a final scrimmage note, I did hear that Avis Commack has made a lot of progress and is coming around.  With some very green receivers, we likely won't have the smoothest drop back passing attack this year, but with our running game and a much improved offensive line, I like our chances of making plays against single coverage... timing routes be damned.  Finally, Kevin McNiel is apparently playing with a little bit more consistency.


Make sure to Check out TrueCubbie's insightful piece on Taiwan Easterling's Achilles injury

I've posted my "10 best players on FSU" in the comment section to that story.  Make sure to add yours.

I've been thinking about replacing Michael Ray Garvin on kickoff returns.  Many think Greg Reid needs to be the man, but what about Louis Givens?  Sure, how hands are suspect in the receiving department, but he did lead the SWAC in kickoff return average at Mars Hill.  Kickoffs are easy to catch (compared to punts), I think Givens could be a weapon in the return game.  He's all business when he runs, which is nice.  I hate to see a kick returner dancing. 

Here's some video of Louis after his Clemson performance. 


Pretty inspiring stuff from the walk-on.  Did you know his cousin is 'Lil Boozy (rap star)?


Baseball got the sweep over Maryland!  That's good because we finally did something we should do. 


Editor's Note:  I'll be pretty busy today with 3 classes, a negotiation, renewing my car tags, etc.  If any of the other writers have links, throw 'em up. 



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