Florida State should dismiss troubled receiver Cameron Wade


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With a bench warrant issued for failing to appear in court, Cameron Wade has again put FSU in the spotlight.  Now the Seminoles should return the favor and cut him.  It has to happen and it makes sense.  Florida State needs to send a message not only to their players, but also to the public.  Cutting Cameron Wade is the smart move because Wade is a garbage football player.  Wade was a three-star prospect out of Cairo, Georgia, a member of Jeff Bowden's final recruiting class.  To say he was a lightly recruited throw in is an understatement.  Wade is slow, uncoordinated, and lazy.  His only redeeming quality as a player is his height (6'5").  Now he's putting FSU in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  With only three career catches, wade doesn't figure to contribute much in the coming seasons as FSU is pulling in talented kids who figure to be ahead of wade on the depth chart. 

A source of ours says Wade was was taking an economics final during his missed court date.  That doesn't matter.  The facts are that through his laziness, he embarrassed the Seminoles for the second time in less than a year over something that he could have easily avoided.   Wade's absence shows a lack of accountability that FSU shouldn't tolerate.  He should have made prior arrangements to avoid this embarrassment.  What other areas could Wade be slacking off in?  Route running?  Schoolwork?  Film study?  We know (the photos are out there if you look) that he has not been missing opportunities to drink and club it up with former (dismissed) FSU running back Brandon Paul.

College students don't have many responsibilities.  A college student shouldn't be missing a court date.  It should be important.  Apparently, it wasn't.  Wade should have been focused on getting in the court's good graces and instead chose to bury his head in the sand. 

Further, his facebook status last night was troubling to say the least:

"Cam Gothellaswag Wade is ha ha ha ha wowwwwwwww the news is crazy….now im on the run ha ha ha im a criminall!!!! Wtf? Man im in strozier chillin studying for this 6th and final exam!"

[He did delete that status message this morning after someone directed him to remove it.]  Wade's status shows that he doesn't care.  It's all a joke to him.  I think he will continue to embarrass our program without offering anything positive in return-- on the field or off.  There are other troubling aspects of Wade's behavior that aren't pertinent to this discussion, but you get the point.  

Remember that Wade stands accused of throwing the first punch in the 2008 student union brawl.  FSU should have dismissed him back then.

I can live with really talented guys making mistakes.  Fans of "amateur" athletics don't want to hear that, but double standards exist for a reason.  We see them in every walk of life, including the next level of football.  In the NFL, great players get away with a lot more misbehavior than practice squad players.  I'm okay with our superstars running wild and a great program must be willing to look the other way when an elite player messes up, but to allow the scrubs of the team to conduct themselves in a manner showing that they are appreciative to have a scholarship and be part of the team is foolish and unwarranted.  Wade does not deserve the same leeway afforded to a superstar.

Take Florida as an example.  Did Urban Meyer kick Percy Harvin off the team for failing drug tests or assaulting teammates?  Of course not.  He did boot backup safety Jacques Rickerson after a domestic violence incident.  Why?  Harvin's positives outweighed his negatives and Rickerson's did not.

The double standard exists to maintain elite talent and to inspire others to reach that level.  Wade seems to be on his third chance, and that's unnacceptable for a guy who likely wouldn't have been recruited by the new coaching regime.  He has embarrassed FSU time and again.  Recruiting him was a mistake, but allowing him to stay on the team and stealing a scholarship would be an even bigger mistake.  FSU can offer his scholarship to a more talented and better behaved player.  Dismissing Wade tells the Media that FSU is committed to dealing with the problem, and more importantly, it tells the players that they better be damn good if they want to act like a thug.


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