Seminole offense back on track in Monday scrimmage

The Florida State offense had ripped the Seminole's defense for 10 more more yards per play in four of the five spring scrimmages, so after a shocking spring game performance that saw a rather limited Seminoles playbook and a general lack of fire from the offense, everyone was anxious to see what would happen in the Monday's scrimmage. 

I wonder if ACC Offensive Coordinator of the Year Jimbo Fisher gave them a talkin' to after Saturday's performance.


Allow us here at Tomahawk Nation to extend a huge thank you to TRMNole and CSINole for providing us with some great photos!

I don't know what the second team did because the guy (or girl) we usually get our information from didn't have a lot of time to share.  My apologies. 

  • The 1st team offense ran 10 plays (2 or 3 more were nullified by various holding or offsides penalties) for 140 yards.  10 plays.  140 yards.  That is more than 14 yards per play. 
  • Over the course of a normal game, a team runs about 65 plays.  65 plays at 14 yards per play is over 900 YARDS.  900 YARDS.  
  • For the 5th time in the last 6 scrimmages, the offense averaged more than 10 yards per play. 
  • I'm not aware of any huge contingent of defensive recruits at Monday's practice.  Could be wrong, but I didn't hear about it.  Check with our friends Jamey Givens of ($) or (free) for more.
  • Considering the offense's domination in 5 of the now 6 scrimmages, Is it really reasonable to think Jimbo was going all out on Saturday?  (See the comment section to the Spring Game Recap if you want details on this)

I wonder if the offense spread the defense out and ran on them?  You bet.

Jermaine "MacMaine" Thomas.
  A big thanks to CSInole for these great shots!  


  • Thomas had 4 runs for 85 yards, 3 of which were over 25 yards. 
  • The offensive line crushed the defensive line, especially the smaller interior guys.
  • Jermaine Thomas is clearly establishing himself as the #1 running back for the Seminoles.  At this point I don't want him to take any more hits this spring. 
  • The best two comparisons we have come up with for Thomas are Ricky Watters and Jeff Cheney.

Passing, you say?  Christian Ponder was 3-4 for 61 yds with 1 TD and no INT's.  That's basically a perfect QB rating. 

Of the 10 plays ran by the 1st team offense, only three went for less than 5 yards.  One was a run by Thomas and the other two were a result of the "one-hand touch" QB treatment rule.


Overall, it was a good day for the offense (though I'm not sure how the 2nd team did).  Importantly, it was a very good day for Florida State wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey's crew.  Bert Reed and Richard Goodman had a nice showing for the 1st team offense.

Lawrence Dawsey coaching the wideouts.  Photo courtesy of TRMNole. 



This was especially important for Dawsey because the last 36 hours have been rough for his guys.  First, Rod Owens picked up a DUI Sunday night.  Then...

Corey Surrency's application for an extra year of eligibility was denied by the NCAA

Photo by TRMNole


Photo by CSINole


If you've been lucky enough to meet Corey in person, you know what a special guy he is. I don't know if he can handle another bad break like this. If he doesn't win his appeal, I hope some Tomahawk Nation faithful will step up and help us organize a campaign to help Corey pay for his senior year of school or find him a decent job. 

We will have much more on Surrency later this week.


A bright spot for the defense:

Apparently defensive end MarKus White is still giving our tackles some trouble.  Photo by CSINole



Scrimmage Recap Excerpts from (FSU Sports Information) [I have inserted comments where necessary for clarification]:

  • 1st Series (From own 35): Jermaine Thomas picked up almost 50 yards on just two carries but on 3rd-and-9 Kevin McNeil crashed the pocket forcing Christian Ponder to run and come up short of the first. As the ball moved back to the -35 Ponder hit Jarmon Fortson deep but the play was wiped out by offensive holding. The one's series ended on a positive though as Ponder hit Richard Goodman to convert a 1st-and-20.
  • 2nd series (from 50) Things started out well for the defense with a Kevin McNeil sack on 1st-and-20 [after a hold]. On 2nd-and-27 Thomas picked up the first with a 28-yard run. Ponder and Fortson connected for 18 and then Ponder was forced out of the pocket but found Bert Reed on the run for a 21-yard TD.
  • Ball on Defense's 20:  The first team offense dug themselves a big hole after moving the ball down inside the 10. Thomas ran it to the one-yard line but a holding, a sack by McNeil, a false start and another hold that wipe out a big Ponder run, put the one's in a 2nd-and-goal from the 41-yard line. Ponder salvaged the drive with a 19-yard pass to Thomas and then another Thomas run for six yards. That allowed James Esco to convert a 34-yard field goal.
  • 1:30 (modified 2-minute drill):  The first team offense looked like an entirely different group starting from the -30 with 1:30 on the clock. On the first play Everett Dawkins pressured Ponder but the junior was still able to find Reed for a gain of 43. He then hit Goodman for nine yards and then again for a TD.

Please visit that link as there is a video interview with Jimbo Fisher as well.




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