TRMNole's FSU Spring Wrap-Up 2009: A Non-Essential Guide to Seriously Don't Bother Reading This

In the days leading up to Florida State's Garnet and Gold Spring Game, you may have been excited to read that some members of the Tomahawk Nation community would be contributing first-hand photos, and perhaps video, from the event.  No doubt you were enticed by words like "Digital SLR", "Point-and-Shoot," and "ELON II-E."  Well, I don't know what those things are.  Armed with my FUJIFILM FinePix A700, my mission was to capture the magic and pageantry of FSU's annual spring showcase with style and flair.  I failed spectacularly.  That's actually the good news as the glorified scrimmage was a snoozefest.  (That was the most subtle reference to Bobby Bowden taking a nap ever.)  The bad news is that in my efforts I managed to document the behind-the-scenes horrors of FSU's football program in ways I never intended.

A Profile in Coaching:  The Bobby Bowden Legacy

Not only is the FUJIFILM FinePix A700 an "advanced-model digital camera in FUJI's entry-level series," but it also shoots video at 10 frames per second with sound, for up to 60 seconds at a time.  Has it been implied yet that you're about to see some really crappy videos?  Because that's kind of what I'm getting at.

The first video presentation, which consists primarily of a one-minute clip, is entitled, A Profile in Coaching: The Bobby Bowden Legacy.  My challenge here was a big one.  Given the limitations of the FinePix A700, I had to somehow document, as much as possible, everything Bowden was doing on Saturday to organize the scrimmage, motivate the troops, and analyze data from the action in real time, all the while keeping with the flow and pacing of a gameday atmosphere and presenting himself to the boosters, alumni, and fans at Doak Campbell Stadium as the authoritative head coach at Florida State University.  Would I be able to capture all this in the 60-second time frame that the A700 allowed me?  You be the judge.

I know what you're thinking.  "C'mon, TRM.  You doctored that.  The footage is looped.  That or there clearly isn't a play going on while Bowden's standing there doing nothing.  You dubbed in the PA announcer's voice."  I knew you'd say all these things.  So here's another clip, 32 seconds long, featuring both the action on the field and Bowden.  Young coaches:  Notice how Bowden reacts to the incomplete pass.  I love seeing the elderly stay active.


Spring Game Photos:  The Leftovers

I gave the only (there were very few) really good photos I was able to take to Uncensored, and they've already made it onto the site.  However, I have a few more that I'm able to share with you.  The first one was actually taken on the way to Doak Campbell.


Alright NoleCC, which one are you?


Pretty cool that they had the NCAA tournament on the big screen while we waited for the action on the field to start.  They may have done well to keep it on.


As the scrimmage was about to begin, the defense stepped onto the field to challenge the offense.  Enthusiasm.  Intensity.  I don't know why, but this reminds me of a couple quotes from the "I Bet You're Smarter Than You Think You Are" department.  Actual comments overheard at the Spring Game:  "I can't believe they're not playing him [Cameron Wade] more.  He's a Greg Carr prototype!"  And "Bobby's still in charge until he leaves, then Jimbo Frier takes over."


This photo is a perfect illustration of how sarcasm happens.  It appears to be an innocent attempt to photograph Bert Reed, who probably turned around while the FinePix A700 was taking its time registering a button press as a directive to take a picture.  But days later, how do you post this thing without noticing the action on the left and adding some kind of caption like, "Hey, do you think they'll finally give me a scholarship if I just drive your a** home tonight?"



And for the second straight year, the Spring Game ended with a fireworks display over the south endzone.  Speaking of fireworks, I'm sure everyone was thrilled to learn that the offense returned to form in post-Spring Game practices.  And as this exclusive 13-second video shows, even Bobby Bowden couldn't contain his excitement after FSU's latest offensive touchdown:


Real Life with Chuck Amato:  Race to the Finish Line

It's a situation all too familiar to Chuck Amato.  An important game/scrimmage/whatever has just concluded at Doak Campbell Stadium, and there's film to be broken down along with recruits and boosters to mingle with.  But someone (I'm looking at you, Jody Allen) forgot to DVR the season premiere of TLC's What Not to Wear, and it's not going to record itself.  It's time to hit the road.  Fortunately, this scenario of Chuck running for the exit is all too familiar to me as well, so my wife and I waited for Chuck in the parking lot.  I had to capture the infamous sprint for the endzone so everyone at Tomahawk Nation could see for themselves that everything we say about the man is true.

My wife was in charge of distracting Amato just long enough for me to power up the A700.  An autograph request for a special fan would do the trick just fine, and Coach Amato graciously signed the back of our Tomahawk Nation roster sheet.  However, before he could hightail it out of there, I was able to strike cinematic gold.  Having used fewer than my allotted 60 seconds of FUJIFILM, I was able to document a chance meeting between Chuck Amato and the only legitimate Chuck Amato fan I've seen since The Chest returned to FSU in 2007.  Warning:  The footage of this encounter is both gratuitous and disturbing.  Be thankful you can't see anything.  There are flashes of breast and scenes of a man crush you'd never imagine Chuck could be the recipient of.  If you still think you should view this clip, put on your Gucci night-vision goggles and go for it.  (And turn up your speakers if you haven't already.)


So there you have it.  Another FSU spring football season is in the books, and in summary, we're once again reminded that - wait, I told you this whole thing was pointless, right?  Well, except that I did come away with a prize for a very deserving Tomahawk Nation member.  Tell me where to send this thing, Matt.  Go Noles!

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