OL Shakeup - Hudson to Center

No slam to McMahon, but I agree with WC poster Wild@HeartNole that Hudson moves to Center this year.


Having seen him personally, Hudson is currently at about 6' 1.5", 285 lbs, and maxed out in my opinion. The rest of his time here will be about strength gains and an maximizing lean mass at his current weight. Having said that, this is his only downside. His first step quickness, locking up quickly on a defender, and tenaciously finishing him off is exactly what Trickett looks for from his linemen, and is the star of a squad of big, mean boys. In a phrase, Hudson gets it, and gets after it.

The 2009 draft featured 10 Gs and 5 Cs drafted (intentionally disregarding tackles here). Mean OG height was 76.3", with 67% of heights within 1.1" of mean. Mean OG weight was 311.4 lbs., with 67% of weights within 11 lbs. Hudson's 73.5" / 285 lbs. puts him almost 3" shorter / 26.4 lbs. lighter than average, and a 0.5" and a full 12 lbs. below the shortest/lightest OG drafted.

On the other hand, of the 5 OCs drafted mean height was 75.4", with 67% of heights within 0.9" of mean. Mean OC weight was 303.2 lbs., with 67% of weights within 8.5 lbs. of mean, lighter overall by 8.2 lbs. than OG draftees. Hudson's 73.5" / 285 lbs. puts him less than 2" shorter / 18.2 lbs. lighter than the average OC. He's still shorter by a 0.5" than the shortest lineman, but only 5 lbs. lighter than the lightest C.

This isn't a revolutionary discovery: Linemen who lack ideal athleticism or height/weight routinely work their way toward the interior as they increase in competition level (from high school to college, college to NFL).

Hudson took some snaps at C with the 2nd team OL (UT-Chat, etc.) to get him some game experience and, undoubtedly given Trickett's methodology of actually wanting his players to get drafted, increase his marketability.


Getting the best 5 linemen on the line of scrimmage

FSU is in no danger of having to throw untalented OL onto the field. Trickett is notorious for recruiting his guys, and honestly couldn't give a crap about star ratings as far as determining a player's value and potential. Trickett loves smart, low-ego kids who listen, grow, and grind it out in practice and on game day, and doesn't mind grabbing a guy who fulfills the above yet doesn't have current ideal weight: That's what your redshirt/conditioning programs are for.

He's recruited some big, mean boys in case you haven't been paying attention. Spurlock was recently singled out by Coach Fisher as being "one of the nastiest [linemen] of the bunch." His HS film shows a road-grading BA that locks up his defender and drives him out to dinner and a movie before he's done with him. Oh yeah, and he's a true sophomore who will be starting this fall. Kids like Rhonne Sanderson and Garret Faircloth are also getting mentions by coaches and media as diamonds in the rough. Datko gets a 2nd-team All-ACC preseason selection entering the season as another true Soph, and could be an elite LT by the time he leaves here. Greenlee and Sanders will duel it out for the RT spot.

Based on a cursory observation of his performance at C last year, McMahon had an average season. IMO, he's in danger of being replaced by Hudson, which opens up a G spot for a host of hungry kids, maybe even to the runner-up of the RT position battle.

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