Monday Morning Tomahawks 05.27.09

  • Happy Birthday to MattDNole!  MD turns the big Two-Five today.  Halfway to fifty!  
  • Chantrant:  How long will FSU pay the price for the worst recruiting year in recent history? (2007, Jeff Bowden's last)
  •  Top 10 things heard at the NCAA meetings (Humor).
  •'s weekly ScalPOLL:  How far will baseball go?
  • Andrew Carter:  NCAA Decision is delayed, the AP report is bogus.
  • EJ. Manuel:  Back at 100%.  The cast is off his finger, and he's throwing 7-on-7 drills on the band field.  Everyone should go out and watch.  Offer some encouragement, but don't be a pest.  MattDNole says about 20 players were working out + Ponder and E.J. were out there throwing.  This is encouraging.  We need CP7 and E.J. to get those guys out there every single day and throw them balls until their fingers bleed.
  • Want a PDF file of the Baseball regional?  Here you go.
  • 3260142_medium

    via grfx.cstv.comj running back preview... check it out.  They have some nice video.  Still think ours was better...

  • An excellent look at Tyrod Taylor from

  • Remember to help us scout our 2009 football opponents!

  • Fanposts are for substantive discussion of member's mini-blogs.  Fanshots are for posting news items.  See the FAQ/ Under Guide.
  • Godby High School is a complete joke.  Mr. Football was arrested for robbery with a firearm.  It's a damn shame that FSU can't take advantage of the relatively big talent pool coming out of that school, but the facts are that Godby high does not prepare their kids for college entry, much less college success.  Their coaches sure do care that the athletes are eligible to play on Friday nights, though.  Hopefully that will get their "graduates" somewhere in prison.
  • Steve Ellis on the 'Noles chances to make the Super Regional.
  • FSU target Kenny Shaw scored two touchdowns for Dr. Phillips high in thier spring game!  Way to go, Kenny!
  • Finally:  Interesting comments from a veteran SEC assistant, Brad Lawing of South Carolina, about the validity of recruiting evaluations in this Phil Kornblut column:
    In Lawing's opinion, the rating of players and the ranking of signing classes is a scam. "I can take a three-star and make him a four-star, and I can take a four-star and make him a three- or two-star with the contacts I have," Lawing said. "That's how ridiculous recruiting on the Internet is. I took Chris Culliver [USC safety] from a three- to a five-star in three weeks. All you've got to do is talk to the right people."
  • He is right. Certain schools and coaches have a lot of pull with recruiting analysts, although in fairness to the recruiting people, you probably could make a similar argument for college All-American teams. If one coach really makes a strong case to some media members, he can get a certain player on or off an all-conference or even All-American team, especially if the player is a linemen or defensive back. Those positions are more dependent on the opinions of guys who have coaching insight.

Would coaches ever ask for their players to be elevated in the rankings in exchange for the continuing flow of information?  Naaaaa

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