From What I've Seen So Far (recruting)

First: This isn't a who we're going to get segment.  We're dreaming from this point on.

If I could get any recruit for sure these are the ones I'd take as of right now.  Stars mean nothing to me.

QB I don't see an obvious quarterback who just fits us perfectly so I'll pass and pray for rain next year (this is assuming the new kid takes over quickly from the number 3,  " it what's his name."

RB Call me crazy but I just really like Brandon Gainer.  I don't think our new philosophy on offense necessarily calls for a home run hitter.  It does require a big back who gets on the whole asap makes one cut and goes vertical...gainer does that better than ANY of the ones I've peaked on video. Wouldn't say no to smiley and Lattimore either (duh!)

FB Do we even still have one of these any more...I mean we're looking to take athletic tight ends and call them full-backs or big recievers right?

WR I'll take Christian Green, Markeith Ambles for size with a side of Chris Dunkley and DJ Jhonson...or at least one of the big ones and one of the fast ones. (at our current rate, we need all three)

TE I'll be honest I only vaguely understand what Jimbo's looking for here, so I'll leave that to him.  I understand the concept, but have yet to see his guys in action, so any two of these will be fine for me.

OL Trust the Trickett  This is another area that is hard evaluate with the new system.  I know what he's looking for smart, mean, fleet of foot, and if it's possible size too.  These things aren't always easy to see in a HS kid playing HS kids, But the Trick hasn't let us down so Have fun Rick and leme know what you decide!

DT I want bigger Tackles....Amp McCloud, Richard Ash, Darius Cummings

DE Brandon Willis (yep DE not DT) & then move McDaniel and McAllister to end. 

SIDE THOUGHT how cool would it be to put this line on the field at once in two years. McDaniel, McRay, McCloud, and McAllister....scary too!!!!

LB Jeff Luc, Christian Jones, Brandon Smith

DB We mostly need safeties, but I will still take Mr Frankenstien 1st.  Then T Rex & Alec ogltree in that order too. 

Now lets all hit the snooze and enjoy this dream as long as we can before we have to wake up!!!


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