Tallahassee Regional Thread: FSU baseball all weekend!

We don't have one so I figured we could designate this to all things FSU baseball, at least for this weekend.

The' Noles beat Marist last night (game ending after midnight), and today will face Georgia, who crushed Ohio State and then proceeded to pound their chests in chants of SEC, SEC, SEC.

The Noles have freshman sensation Sean Gilmartin on the mound.


That's MaryAnne Gilmartin, who is apparently in the fashion industry in New York.

Ms. Gilmartin, you're not really good enough to be famous, and I think Sean Gilmartin needs to take over the number one slot in google image searches for "Gilmartin".


Here's what Sean Breslin has to say (newer 'Nole blog): 

Freshman Sean Gilmartin has had a brilliant season. Gilmartin has compiled an 11-3 record with an ERA of 3.64, bests for the starting rotation. In 84 innings, he has struck out 75 batters while walking just 35.

In order to beat the Bulldogs today, the walks must stay minimal. Georgia is going to hit, but keeping unnecessary runners off the basepaths will be the key to victory.

As for Seminole hitters, the task will be equally tough. Georgia will counter with their ace, Trevor Holder. Holder has a 7-4 record this season with a 4.34 ERA. If he has a flaw, it's that Holder has been known to give up the long ball. The senior righthander has allowed 19 homers.

T1: Gilmartin gets out unscathed, 1-2-3

B1: Noles get 1 run, but UGA pitcher throws 40 pitches, as FSU sends 7 guys to the plays. That's the Noles I know!

T2: Noles still lead 1-0 as Gilmartin looks great. Another 1-2-3 inning!

B2: Noles plate 3 on 5 hits as UGA's pitcher has thrown 60 pitches!

T3: Gilmartin 1-2-3! Faced the minimum through 9!

B3:  Still 4-0 Noles, as UGA's pitcher is up to 78 pitches!

T4:  Georgia 1B hits a bomb, 4-2 Noles. 

B4:  FSU with 2 k's in the inning, 4-2 Noles as UGA's pitcher is now hitting his stride.

T5:  UGA down quickly

B5:  FSU down 1-2-3 again.  Need to chase this pitcher.

T6:  1-2-3 inning for Gilmartin with nothing out of the infield!

B6:  1-2-3 for FSU.  Damn.

T7  1-2-3-4 for Gilmartin!

B7:  Great play by UGA 1B saves a run for the Dawgs.  Still 4-2 Noles!


The 2009 NCAA Tallahassee Regional Field welcomes:
No. 1 Florida State - 42-16, 19-9 ACC
No. 2 Georgia - 37-22, 15-15 SEC
No. 3 Ohio State - 40-17, 18-6 Big Ten
No. 4 Marist - 31-26, 15-9 MAAC



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