The Florida State Seminoles destroy the Ohio State Buckeyes 37-6 en route to setting the NCAA Playoff record for Runs and Doubles

After a hard fought battle with the Georgia Bulldogs, Ohio State had nothing left.  They started Jared Strayer, a seldom used reliever who had only thrown 5 innings in conference play.  He never recorded an out.  The Noles chased him in the first inning, scoring seven runs on 4 hits, two walks, and a HBP.  The subsequent relief pitchers offered nothing of the sort, as FSU pounded Ohio State 37-6.  The Buckeyes used seven pitchers in the contest, and FSU amassed 47 baserunners (37 hits, 7 walks, 3 HBP).  FSU led 32-0 in the 5th inning when the Seminole manager Mike Martin got together with the Ohio State manager and the home plate umpire, to suggest that the game be shortened to 7 innings.  Ohio State agreed, but the request was apparently denied by the NCAA.  FSU called off the dogs after the 5th, sending their bullpen to the plate, but even those guys put 5 additional runs on the board in the final 4 innings, setting an NCAA playoff record for runs at 37, breaking the old record of 35 held by Miami (Fl).  The 'Noles 15 doubles were also an NCAA record. 

Florida State had more than a Mile of baserunning.

FSU finished the Tallahassee Regional averaging more than 17 runs over the three game set.  The 'Noles are now off to the super regional, the destination of which is yet to be determined.

FSU is now 2-0, defeating Marist on Friday and Georgia on Saturday.  Ohio State is now 2-1, losing to Georgia, beating Marist, and then beating Georgia earlier today, 13-6. 

Both teams feature impressive offenses.  Ohio State, however, is quite drained in the pitching department.  Their top 3 starters, Wimmers, Best, and Wolosiansky are unavailable, and those were the only three pitchers who started a game all year in conference.  Additionally, their All-Conference (all-America?) closer is unavailable after throwing three innings in today's early elimination game.  They will start Jared Strayer, who has not started a game this year.

Here are his numbers:

Player   era  w-l  app ip  r  er  so  bb  2b  3b  hr  b/avg  wp  hbp 
Jared Strayer Total 8.38 0-1  19 29 36 27 29 18 10 1 1 0.315 4 7
Conference 1.8 0-0  5 5 1 1 5 2 2 0 0 0.222 0 0


That's right, 5 innings pitched in conference play. Suffice to say, this is not who Ohio State thought they would throw in this game.  FSU needs to be patient, draw their walks, work the attrition game and run up that pitch count!  Oh, and sitting on a fat fastball isn't a bad idea either. 

As for FSU, thanks to the heroic effort from Sean Gilmartin, have their entire bullpen available.  The 'Noles will throw Mike McGee.  Here's McGee.

Total 4.22 5-2 12 64 58 30 64 41 16 0.245
Conference 4.17 3-1 8 41 35 19 34 25 11 0.233

Mike has also given up 9 unearned runs in his 64 innings.  He's a good pitcher, and arguably better than FSU's #2 starter, Bush.  I recently remarked that we really have one #1 starter and two "2.5" starters.  OSU would kill to have McGee right now.

And because I wanted to post this the first time we faced OSU...

OSU fan with some library antics, and his dad threatening to bring his war to the reporter (NSFW) -

Patience, patience, patience, and win.

Go Noles!

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