University of Florida Cornerback Janoris Jenkins becomes the 24th Gator arrested under Urban Meyer

Some would call Janoris Jenkins electric.  After a weekend fight with the cops and subsequent tazing, they'd be right.

Over the weekend, University of Florida Gator cornerback Janoris Jenkins became the 24th university of Florida football player to be arrested under Urban Meyer's watch.  It is the 6th Gator arrest in a year.  

Jenkins was apparently fighting with some other citizens in Gainesville at 2AM when the cops showed up.  They told Jenkins to stop, and he then proceeded to punch another man.  Police then proceeded to taze Jenkins, who then fled the scene, despite officers yelling at him to stop running.  He was apprehended a few blocks away from the scene.  

Some might remember another Gator being Tazered (sp?)... 

As David Hyde reports, the national media isn't covering the Gator's lawlessness.  

Florida players have beaten women, stolen credit cards from a dead teammate's girlfriend, and been involved with assault rifles and drugs. Yet nobody on ESPN is so much as reporting this. Nobody at Sports Illustrated is saying the Florida team picture should be taken from the front and the side.

Meyer has drawn some criticism before.  South Carolina fans will remember the 2006 game in the swamp in which Jarvis Moss blocked their game tying extra point.  Moss was suspended for drugs for the game against 1-AA cupcake Western Carolina, but allowed to play against the Gamecocks.  Meyer did the same thing with defensive tackle Marcus Thomas against Tennessee.  UF won the National Championship.  Last year, troubled defensive tackle Torrey Davis played in the national championship game after having questionable qualifications, both legal and academic.  Running back Chris Rainey openly acknowledged taking $100 handshakes from boosters, then later said he was misquoted (despite audio evidence available for all to hear).

But there's still more (with an average of 6 arrests per year under Meyer, there has to be more)


But it seems that UF players might be receiving favorable treatment from the legal system in Alachua County:

In April 2007, UF lineman Ronnie Wilson (6'6" 330lbs) slapped and spit in the face of one Frank Fuller, a Santa Fe Community College student at the XS night club according to Gainesville Police. Wilson then fled the scene.

Fuller followed Wilson with his cellphone and called the police. When the  Wilson pulled into a parking lot, he exited the vehicle pulled out an AK-47 assault rifle began to fire.  Luckily, no one was injured.  Wilson later explained he wanted Fuller "to know how it felt to be scared."  Unfortunately bullets of this type can fall from the air and kill people in a city. Wilson was charged with use or display of a concealed weapon during a felony, aggravated assault and simple battery.

Here is the link to the victim's terrified 911 call (gunshots in background)

But the state's attorney's state attorney’s office reduced the charges to one count of battery and discharging a firearm in public which surprise were both misdemeanors.  Naturally, Wilson pled no contest to the discharging of a firearm and battery with two years of court supervision and agreed to 100 hours of community service, the forfeiting of his assault rifle and undergoing a mental health evaluation.

In January of 2008, while on probation, Wilson was arrested again and charged with possession of marijuana after running a stop sign with 6 grams.  This should have been a violation of his probation but enter but the state attorney's office failed to notice that Wilson was on probation (despite his considerable infamy).  The charges were swept under the rug and dismissed citing how hard it is to prove possession.

In 2008, Urban Meyer welcomed his boy back to the team.  Forget the fighting, drugs, spitting, slapping, guns and mayhem.

It wasn’t over however as after the Arkansas game back in Gainesville during a party at 3:30 in the morning at the Lexington Crossing Apts, Wilson became angry over a woman.  Wilson hit a man and followed him outside and was in the process of throwing another punch when a woman stepped in the way and proceed to have her wrist broken by the punch.  Wilson was after a third victim who offered assistance as we run out of facts on the story line.

Other felonies under Meyer's watch have been curiously reduced after victims mysteriously dropped or declined to press charges, but you get the idea.


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