Monday Morning Tomahawks 06.17.09

FSU Football

Andrew Carter- Orlando Sentinal- Wrapping up the Jacobbi McDaniel Saga
McDaniel honestly believed he had an $800,000 offer. The Brewers' representative said numbers were only thrown out to gauge his interest and were not representative of an offer. "You’ve got to ask all these kids what’s it going to take for you to sign," Robinson said. "And if they tell you 1.5 [million], you say, well, what about $200,000. You’re trying to gauge their signability before you take him."  I want to apologize to Jacobbi for throwing out the possibility that he was lying.  Everyone out there was confused about some parts of this situation, including Tomahawk Nation.  I think Carter showed the most professionalism throughout, as he was committed to checking with multiple sources.  For our part, I still think those advising McDaniel should have known better than to let him tell people he had an 800K offer as a 33rd round pick as that would have been completely outrageous as an opening offer at that selection.  Mistakes were made all around and here's us owning up to ours.

Jeff Cameron Show- Ira Schoeffel  The announcement of TK Wetherell's retirement, who may replace him when the time does come, the Jaccobi McDaniel saga comes to an end - and the $800k figure WAS correct [though it was not an offer, see Andrew Carter's final article] - plus what positives the FSU defense may have this coming season, ticket sales declining, and much more.

Also on the Jeff Cameron show, we learned that fullback Seddrick Holloway is off the team after getting really fat again and having other issues.  I hinted at this a while back during our RB preview piece.  That's not a big deal, but it becomes a bigger issue when during the same interview we learn that Marcus Sims' position with the team is also in serious jeopardy.  Sims, who has not been participating in offseason workouts, is apparently miffed that he's being used as a fullback and not a running back.  Memo to Marcus:  man up.  If you want to be part of this team, get back to the offseason program.  If you don't, then officially quit and clear up a scholarship.  Do not come back two weeks before the season in questionable shape hoping to play.  I have to say that this news surprised me.  Still, it makes some sense that the coaches took Matt Dunham back after the 24yo FB/ TE missed the 2008 season.  

Chantrant:  Wanted:  FSU president to boost FSU's academic rankings.  And hopefully not act like a rabid cowboy.

FSU's season ticket sales are down 10-12% this year.  That's what a decade of mismanagement will get you.  Scalpem takes the administration to task.  Randy Spetman Is Begging You To Buy FSU Football Tickets ·  A really thought out post on the ticket situation. Personally, I think it was handled poorly, but that people who got their seats upgraded should probably accept their gift. Opponent fans do not deserve to sit close.  for more, see FSU seating chart and ticket information.  BUY YOUR SEASON TICKETS.  THEY ARE ONLY $199 for 6 games!  Sell the ones you can't get to.

Orlando Sentinel - NCAA response to be released by Florida State  The NCAA has agreed to allow Florida State to release to the public the NCAA Committee on Infractions’ response to FSU’s appeal, according to a letter the NCAA sent today.  This is going to drag on well into football season. Gator's preview  Has Video. Good read.

Counting down the ACC's top 30 players: No. 18 Dekoda Watson  He's one of Florida State's top defenders, and on a team that lost six starters on defense, he'll be needed even more this fall. Watson is fast, strong, explosive, has great NFL potential and has the ability to make game-changing plays. He averaged a career-high 4.6 tackles per game, but increased that to seven tackles per game over the final four regular season games. He also had eight tackles for loss.

Former Rickards standout JaJuan Harley showing his strength at FSU Tallahassee Democrat  Recent Rickards High graduate JaJuan Harley had done a good job in that regard, according to FSU strength and conditioning director Todd Stroud. And now he has been turning heads in FSU's summer workout program. "Extremely strong for a freshman and extremely strong for a safety," Stroud said. "Tough. Agile. Good size. Weighs 205. He is as far along as any skill guy when they first come in here. He has the attributes."  Applying the 3% reduction rule, he's probably at 199lbs not 205.  Still, this is good news.

WR Primer: Get to know your Corps. - TarponsandNoles  Tarpons with an excellent fapost that should help you get acquainted with this year's wide receivers.

IS THE TIGHT END AT FSU CONSIDERED AN ELIGIBLE RECEIVER? - Frank D  Frank D takes a look at FSU's use of the tight end over several decades and wonders if the 'Noles will use the tight end more in the passing game under Jimbo. Excellent use of the fanpost feature.

Finally, I am disappointed in the lack of comments for  Back to Basics: A Detailed Look at Defensive Line Play - Tomahawk Nation (TrueCubbie)  If you can't control the line of scrimmage your chances of winning a football game significantly decrease. A dominating defensive line, or even lineman, will impact the outcome of a game. If a quarterback has no time to throw the ball, if the running back can't turn the corner, if the offensive line can't control the line of scrimmage, it's over. In this article, we will take a look at some of the basics about defensive line play followed by a discussion about effective line play.   This is an excellent article and there is also some quality discussion in the comment section that follows the article.  TrueCubbie played defensive line in college and everyone should avail themselves of his knowledge.

General Football

More on Big Ten schedules and the urgency of USC at Ohio State- Dr. Saturday  Doc Saturday discusses something we've covered at length.

Smart Football: Smart Notes - June 15, 2009  Good discussion on Mark Richt's shallow cross stuff.  Make sure to check that out and the links inside the story as well.

General News

Smart Football: Musings on sports blogging and the interplay between new and old media  An excellent article you should read.

Dan Shanoff: ProFootballTalk Partners With NBC Sports

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