First post here... Predicted 2010 Recruiting Class


Hi all,

I finally joined Tomahawk Nation. Love what you guys are doing here so I wanted to become a part of it. Thanks in advance for the way you run your site! I hope this is posted in the right place, sorry if it isn't. I thought I'd initiate myself by posting a predicted 2010 recruiting class for FSU with a bit of analysis. Here goes... I will go ahead and include 25 players as I've read where FSU can take on a full class this year despite the sanctions, particularly if Holloway and Sims leave the team combined with other expected attrition. This is going to be long, bear with me!

Predicted 2010 class for Florida State:

QB (1): Jeffrey Godfrey (Though I don't really see a need for one if we land Haggins and Green, I think FSU will take one QB in this class and it will be Godfrey of the Miami trio. Jimbo will go all-out for Christian Lemay in 2011 regardless, and I don't think Godfrey would scare him away. Lemay is unbelievable).

RB (2): Debrale Smiley (I think he fits the mold of a bruising RB that Jimbo covets, should be a great change of pace back); Brandon Gainer (another of the Miami trio, great back who fits Jimbo's system very well).

WR (3): DJ Johnson (closest thing to a FSU lock in this class, outstanding athleticism and elusiveness, playmaker written all over him); Christian Green (UF is coming on strong but I think FSU will win him over. Has potential to be a #1 WR in a few years, also dangerous as a QB threat on trick plays); Kenny Shaw (underrated prospect, great route runner and open field threat).

TE (2): Neil Basford (looks to be exactly what Coley wants in a TE. Very good blocker and good hands); Dan Schneider (FSU's h-back of the future. Fits that position perfectly, could be a real weapon. All-around solid guy).

OL (3): always the hardest position to predict with Trickett at the helm, as FSU could easily add a couple of guys off the radar right now. That's what I'll predict, that Trickett signs two more who are yet to be known in databases (sorry for the copout here). Ed Christian (love this kid's work ethic. Should fit Trickett's mold perfectly and can add more weight to his frame); Two other prospects who are yet to be known names.

DL (6): DE Tavaris Barnes (I think he can rotate between DT and DE, IMO his best bet will be at DE due to his athleticism and quick first step. Needs to learn how to play lower, will make an impact a few years down the road); DE Corey Miller (one of my favorite prospects in this class. He is a GREAT leader and has tremendous potential. Can make an immediate impact in the DE rotation, part of the Byrnes trio); DE Darious Cummings (outstanding prospect who could and should eventually grow into a DT. Love his pass rush skills); DT Brandon Willis (listed as a DE but will grow into DT at FSU. Another of the Byrnes trio, I love the way he plays. Another immediate contributor thanks to the Byrnes strength program and system); DT Anthony "Amp" McCloud (would be in contention for a starting spot immediately, depending on how quickly he learns the defensive scheme. Has NFL potential); DT Damien Jacobs (sleeper from Louisiana, has great size and quick first step, knows how to play low but is still a bit of a project. If LSU offers, could be in trouble here. The other Louisiana DT Porter would be great as well but LSU usually keeps who they want in state).

LB (3): Jeff Luc (Yes, I think FSU will land him in the end. It's going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight for him, but I think FSU lands him. Physical freak, immediate contributor); Christian Jones (another Nole legacy, could grow into a DE/LB hybrid, absolutely love his game. Immediate contributor); Telvin Smith (not very confident on him anymore, LSU is a major player as are a couple of other SEC schools. Lowndes kid, hopefully Ed Christian will be in his ear. Will take time but he could make a good impact in a few years. Could develop into a rush end if he can put on a good bit of weight, but will likely stay at LB).

DB (5): CB Lamarcus Joyner (Yes, I think FSU lands Joyner in the end after a knock-down, drag-out fight from Ohio State. He is a unit-changer and would contend for a starting spot immediately since P-Rob will graduate. Best player on FSU's board and #1 target in my book); CB Terrence Mitchell (#2 CB prospect and a great talent. Would love to see FSU land him, and we are in a good position to do so. Outstanding cover skills, could challenge for early PT); CB Terrence Brooks (underrated IMO, another very good prospect with good cover and ball skills. Would be great to see FSU land him- along with the other two CBs, it would be up for the best CB class in the nation); S Chad Abrams (underrated but picking up more interest. Can flat-out hit but needs coaching on wrapping up instead of just flinging his body at people. Looks good down the line); S Jarred "Scooter" Haggins (Athletic as all get out but looks like a safety to me. Can also play QB in a pinch. Odell's nephew, should look good in garnet and gold).

Other notable prospects

RB Marcus Lattimore: I am extremely confident that FSU will be in it until the very end but I just don't think we will pull him. I think FSU finishes second here, though I would absolutely love it if he came to Tallahassee. Still a decent chance FSU lands him because Jimbo and Coley will work very hard on him until the end.

RB Gio Bernard: Love this guy's game but I think he will head out of state. I think Gainer fits Jimbo's system better, but Bernard is another one I'd be very happy with if FSU landed him. RB is such a deep position this year, you really can't go wrong and FSU will get theirs.

RB Eduardo Clements: If FSU hasn't pulled out already I think they will soon. The other guys are higher on the board and if our coaches really wanted Clements, he'd be a commit right now. Hopefully it doesn't bite FSU but I think he is in the mold of Chris Thompson, and give me Chris Thompson every day of the week.

WR Chris Dunkley: DJ Johnson will be in his ear as would Joyner if he commits, but I think Dunkley winds up at UF in the end. Heck of a player, would be awesome if FSU could pull him.

OL Chaz Green: Gator or Volunteer in the end. Would love to see him at FSU but I seriously doubt he comes here.

OL TJ Leifheit: My second-favorite OL prospect on FSU's board but I think he'll stay in state, probably at UNC.

OL Brandon Linder: My favorite OL prospect on FSU's board, Miami-bound IMO.

DE Corey Lemonier: I love his game and I think he'll be one of the best players in the state by the end of this cycle, but I think he goes elsewhere. FSU isn't dead but it's a long shot.

DE JR "Ego" Ferguson: I really don't know what his status is now that he is enrolled at Hargrave. Is he eligible to play at a school in 2010 or will it take another year? Anyway, I think he stays up north.

DE David Perry: If FSU takes another DE, it will be Perry. Very raw but has great upside, among the best of the DEs. Project but worth the risk.

DT Richard Ash: Would LOVE to see FSU get him but he'll go to UF, has essentially stated so publicly.

DT Calvin Smith: Zooked into going to Illinois in the end.

DT Jericho Lee: undersized DT who has drawn comparisons to Jacobbi McDaniel. From Godby, which is a shame, and may never see the field because of academics. Likely sign-and-place.

DT Antonio Ford: Very interesting prospect from Pahokee, looks like a solid DI player to me. Down further on the board and may be an option if FSU misses out on other guys.

DT Shawn Green: Another legitimate option if FSU misses on higher-ranked guys.

LB Kendall Moore: I love this guy's game. Would love to see him in FSU's class, ideally instead of Smith but I think he'll go elsewhere, maybe stay in state to UNC.

CB Demar Dorsey: Can't understand why people want him in this class. Sure he has great speed, but he is a total project at the position and supposedly has character concerns. Hopefully FSU looks elsewhere.

CB Merrill Noel: cooled on FSU, will likely go elsewhere. Could be the next Alphonso Smith, could be a bust. Won't be at FSU though.

CB Keion Payne: always mentioned in conjunction with Joyner. Seems like a decent prospect, wouldn't mind seeing him at FSU if we miss out on Brooks and if it helps with Joyner.

ATH Jeremy Deering: Could be part of FSU's class, looks like a true playmaker who will gain more attention soon. Don't know much about him but he looks like an underrated prospect who will play DI somewhere.

ATH Jamius Gunsby: Lots of chatter about him being a potential QB. Don't know much about him but he will likely gain more attention soon.


Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to posting with you all in the future!

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