Monday Morning Tomahawks 06.25.09

Let's start with some good news.  Foster kids get a helping hand from FSU's Myron Rolle --  Way to go Myron!

Apparently incoming Freshman Linebacker C.J. Mizell is looking into Hargrave Academy for the Fall Semester and enroll in spring (Hargrave is a prep school).  That's just fine by me.  Mizell is ultra-talented but if he doesn't get himself squared away with academics and behavior he isn't going anywhere.  I've seen the pictures of what Mizell did to coach Jerry Odom before being forced to leave Georgia high school athletics and it was not pretty.  To be clear, I want Mizell in Garnet and Gold, but only if he is prepared to at least pretend to be a student athlete.  Mizell has taken his SAT/ACT enough times that his score will almost certainly be flagged by the NCAA clearing house.  If he goes to prep school, they will force him to study for a few hours a day and instill some discipline in him.  Prep school could be a good thing for this young linebacker.  If he came to FSU this season, he wouldn't see much playing time and if he got in trouble it would look bad on the 'Noles.  If he get's in trouble at prep school, that's not on FSU.  Here's hoping he does get in to FSU, but if he doesn't, prep school might not be the worst thing for him.  Perception matters. 

Since people have been asking me about this... I asked around for clarification.  Dan Hicks (son of Dan Footman) is not playing linebacker.  His locker is apparently in the linebacker's section- because they ran out of lockers.

Gresham not considered for Fullback spot, yet| Tallahassee Democrat 

Much more inside!

I caught a lot of heat for the Maurice Harris article.  People wrote that he had won an academic improvement award and that he does community service.  The article was poorly written.  I was up late when the news broke and I should have held it until the morning to make sure it read well.  I also should have clarified that I was talking about his value to the team- not his value as a person.  The comments about his slacker attitude and immature behavior on the field stand.

The idea behind the article stands, however, and that is that FSU isn't fully committed to winning yet.  They are close, but that full commitment is not there.  Elite programs like LSU, UF, Alabama, and USC find ways to remove the guys who don't pan out.  We all know about the 2007 recruiting class and how it is a major drag on this program.  I'm told that when Jeff Bowden was fired along with the offensive staff, that Jimbo Fisher and the new staff didn't want several of the kids who had committed to the old coaches.  Bobby Bowden wouldn't let them pull the offers to the kids.  Among those were Cameron Wade, who we recently argued should be kicked off for his terrible attitude and lack of talent.  Forcing Fisher's hand was one of the first signs that Bobby wasn't totally comfortable with the Fisher deal.   

Again, don't expect FSU to be great until the entire program is committed to winning.  That means players who do not develop, lack effort, and put FSU in a bad light must go.  It's all about roster churning and being able to sift through the largest talent pool possible.  I do think FSU is close, but Bowden is a huge step behind the other elite coaches in the game.  The nice guy act doesn't work when everyone else is playing a different game.

For more on this, let's turn to Jeff Cameron, who had a great two days of show for 1270theteam (AM Radio, Tallahassee- streaming). Here are the audio clips from

Clip 1  Clip 2 (why Smiley will beat these charges but should still be booted- he sucks) & Clip 3 (w/ Ira)

Speaking of radio, make sure to check out WRFV - 910AM The Dream- The Mike Davis Show, streaming live covering South Georgia Sports and Florida State!

Spring Practice Central- put up a great compilation of spring practice clips, pictures, and re-caps.  Much better organization guys!

Counting down the ACC's top 30 players: No. 8 - ACC - ESPN  No. 8. Rodney Hudson, OG, Florida State, Jr. 6-2, 285.  Good, except she inexplicaply put Clemson's Thomas Austin above Hudson because Austin is like some sort of volunteer or something.  Heather Dinich:  still never played a down of football.




Orlando Sentinel - Terry Bowden on brother Jeff: He "got blamed for everything" by
Terry says Blame Bobby not Jeff. Actually, blame both.


Orlando Sentinel - More on the budget (Carter)
Some highlights from the proposed budget that the Florida State athletic committee endorsed earlier today.


FSU's White didn't live up to his own expectations | | Tallahassee Democrat
"I know I wasn't as strong as I need to be," he said. "Everybody knows my work ethic, but to be complete I feel like I need to get stronger. I'm working on it." It hasn't been easy for White, according to FSU strength coach Todd Stroud, but he's starting to see positive results out of the junior defensive end. "Some guys are weight-lifting guys and have the ability — with the way God made them with their tendons and ligaments — to develop a lot of power very fast," Stroud said. "He is not as gifted as a weight-lifter. But he's very explosive from the waist down. His upper body is behind where it should be, but he's made a lot of strides." Maybe Florida State's talented No. 98 can make enough strides to have himself the same type of season No. 99 had last season for the Seminoles. "He wasn't the best at what he did when he got here, either," White said of Brown, who was picked by the Carolina Panthers in the second round of the 2009 Draft. "But when he realized it was time to kick it in, he got everything together. "… I know when my time to stand out is going to come. I know it's going to come. And I'll be ready for it."

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