Monday Morning Tomahawks 06.03.09

Good Morning and Go Noles!  Here's the news that will probably interest you:

First up is Boston College losing their quarterback.  As you learned yesterday, he was suspended for academics and has decided to transfer.  Domonique Davis christens BC's great quarterback adventure - Dr. Saturday (some background on the situation), and here's some VIDEO on the possible replacements: Eagle in Atlanta -- : Before they were Eagles: Boek and Tuggle addition  Boek apparently leads.  

More football now, as we have Phil Steele's Offensive Line Experience Chart-- FSU ranks 22nd Nationally (close 3rd in ACC to VT), w/ 89 Combined Starts  That represents a huge change from last season, when we had 21, making us one of the three least experienced offensive lines in the country.

In baseball news, Arkansas Razorbacks Names To Watch · and then Steve Ellis of the Tallahassee Democrat asks: Who would you pick for am All-Mike Martin Era Team  Steve also chats with Mike about the upcoming Arkansas series.

Back to football, with two non-FSU items.  First, Chantrant catches up with North Alabama, a new football program that might have as many as 6 ex-FSU players on its roster, including Preston Parker and Will Furlong.

Also, remember the piece on scheduling?  I wrote:

Another message here is to avoid 1-AA teams.  Voters seem to be averse to those who play the lower division schools.  The key is to shell out the extra $300K payment that it takes to secure a garbage 1A school over a 1AA school.  There's a good chance that the 1A school is actually worse than the 1AA school, and the name recognition value it totally worth it. 

Well now we find this article UGA to pay nearly $1 million to play lesser Division I-A opponent |

General Athletics administration:  Section Six: The Columbus Dispatch: Secrecy 101  The Family Eductational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Not a FUPA, mind you, which was created to protect the privacy of students' academic records, has come to be interpreted broadly and inconsistently by the NCAA's various member institutions. Here's a scoreboard of how every D1 team did (FSU did quite well).

And once again, remember to listen to the great interview at Garnet and Great with FSU legend James Colzie.

We have some great stuff in the works for the coming weeks, with the ulitmate goal of getting you totally prepped for what should be an awesome season of Seminole Football.

Rivalry stuff: Reader Mailbag (Sorta) Volume 1 ·  Saclpem answers the question:  Nole CC, off subject but would you agree that Gator Envy is out of control? Warchant is flooded with threads hoping they lose the WCWS and last weekend praying Miami would beat their baseball team. I wish we could focus on our team, on a Seminole site, all those threads just make Seminole Nation as a whole look bad. Just my 2 cents.  Get over there and let him know your thoughts.  He makes sone quality points.  

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