Florida State's Seminole Showtime Camp Recap with pictures and video!

[ed. note: This is considered the WORT]

Florida State's Seminole Showtime camp was a great event.  I really enjoyed meeting some of our long-time readers (CSI Nole, FSUBrad, and FSU44, as well as seeing MattDNole.)  Oh, and the prospects were quite impressive as well.  The 'Noles secured two commitments (profiled earlier this week and linked inside).  

Inside, we have reports, and a bunch of pictures and video!

A big thanks to all the photographers this week, including CSINOLE, Jasonnole59, and SWFLNole!  Video is by Jasonnole!  

Here's the campers walking in

More campers walking in

Former 'Nole greats enter the camp!


* It was often hard to tell the recruits apart.  I have a photographic memory and tried to remember a clothing detail about every major prospect as they walked out the tunnel, because once they put their helmet on, it was going to be tough.  


I had a hard time telling some of these kids apart.  I thought that Clint Trickett (Rick's son) threw a pretty ball at times, including a nice deep ball to Kenny Shaw.  That said, he has some physical limitations.  I believe he'll be an excellent spread QB due to his smarts and football intelligence.  

Anthony Gonzalez (Bethlehem, PA) failed to stand out to most of us watching.  Granted, his major attribute is his phenomenal athleticism, and he can't put that on display when he's just throwing, but he didn't clearly stand out as an ESPNU150 type recruit.  

Tarean Austin is a QB out of Tampa that looked erratic.  He's another athlete who some say might blow up.  6'2" skinny build.  Loves Miami.

Eddie Williams is a tall kid from 2012 who looked pretty good considering he is 15 years old.   2012 Eddie Williams (Panama City) video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRk2BVsxohY  Some have floated Antonio Cromartie comparisons.  Going to Soph year.  Scary.



Tahj Kimble looked good.  Very good.  He's 5'11" 195 out of Fernadina Beach.  The competition he plays is pretty weak, and he doesn't yet have an offer, but he was definitely the best back there (Gio Bernard attended but didn't workout).  I'm not as sold on him as some others.  People love the flavor of the month, and right now that's Kimble.  He's a bigger back with pretty good feet and good hands, but he is not the best back in Florida.  There weren't many great backs at the camp, so again, Kimble benefited from weak comparison competition.

Here are his highlights.  Here's two.

Gio Bernard, the highly rated 4* back from St. Thomas Aquinas weighed in at an impressive 210lbs.


Gio Bernard likes FSU a lot.  

Bernard is an excellent back who plays for a great program (St. Thomas), is extremely smart, coachable, and easily one of the best backs in the country.  He didn't workout at Showtime (elite prospects often don't do camps if they have already proven themselves).  Gio has all the intangible to be an elite college back (to go with his obvious tangibles).  



Video of WR/CB 1-on-1 Drills.  The first few seconds are Jeff Luc (linebacker, see below) trotting out to his station after drinking some water.  In the middle of the clip, on the near side, is Kenny Shaw catching a slant.  

Video of WR/CB 1-on-1 Drills part 2:  Kenny Shaw is the 3rd play in this clip catching a sideline route (in black tights).  Towards the end, we see LB Holmes Onwukaife, the linebacker from Texas (6'3" 220, from Texas) and LB Jeff Luc.  

Kenny Shaw (Dr. Phillips High, Orlando)has now solidified himself as a top wideout in the state.  He's already a 4* by rivals.com and on the ESPNU150 watch list.  Shaw was the best wideout at the camp.  He stabbed at a few slant passes early but then calmed down.  He told me last week that he was the best wideout in Florida and that he was going to put on a show.  I asked him what about Dunkley or De'Joshua Johnson (who I expected to be participating- they were not), and he said he didn't care.  I figured it was smoke, but he really showed out at Showtime.  His best attribute is his ability to get in and out of his cuts quickly without losing speed.  He was consistently behind the defensive backs and just got huge separation.  I am sold on this kid.  He loves the 'Noles, but wants to commit after his Senior season.  FSU should save a spot for him unless someone better comes along.    Seen here in tights (Garnet)



Shaw stabbed at a few slant passes early but ended up having a great night.

2:26 Video kenny Shaw on slant

1:41 Video of Shaw on a stop/out

Karlos Williams (2011, Davenport Ridge), brother of Vince Williams, looked good as well.  He is such an athlete.  Could play linebacker, safety, or Wideout.  


via Karlos Williams

Andre Davis (2011, from Tampa), also looked very good.  The kid is fast and caught the ball well.  Impressed everyone on hand.

Chris Dunkley did show up but didn't work out.  I still think he is 100% UF.


TE Tank Sessions was the only even decent looking tight end at the event.


Offensive Line

Former 'Nole and Pro Bowler Tra Thomas did an excellent job working with this group, as did FSU offensive line coach Rick Trickett.  

FSU commit Ed Christian was very impressive.  He looks almost as big as FSU NG Moses McCray.  He will be a beast of a right tackle.  Ed wears glasses, just in case you were curious.  

There were two 2011 kids who I am told were brothers- Nathan and Kyle Theus, and they both looked good.  Nathan especially could be a nice offensive tackle for the 'Noles.  

Two local kids l kid you might see next year is offensive tackle prospect Montae Jones (Godby) and Trey Braun (Lincoln).  


Defensive Line

Lots of stars were out along the defensive line.  Granted, it's tough to judge linemen without pads (compared to wideouts and backs), but I did see some things

Nole commit Tavaris Barnes (Jacksonville first coast) looked good.  He's very tall and has a decent frame but can probably add a good bit of weight.


Nole commit Darious Cummings (Titusvilla Astronaut) looks bigger than he was the last time I saw him, and he has his trademark quickness.  Had a few wins in pass rush.  (he was in Maroon helmet).  He can play end or tackle.  Was in the ear of all the commits all night.  Darious says he will keep calling potential recruits.  He loves the 'Noles and is an elite recruit.  That's a nice combo to have as your recruiter.  


via assets.sbnation.com

'Nolele commit Corey Miller (DE, Byrnes HS, SoCarolina) looked very quick.  He's one of the best prospects in this class and as I profiled in the preview, is a kid we are very lucky to have.  Had some nice wins off the corner and has a great motor.  Also, huge hands.  I wear 2XL batting gloves, and his hand just engulfed mine.  Definitely my fave prospect in this class.  Story on Miller here.


DT Brandon Willis (Byrnes HS) looked big.  He's a polished kid coming from Byrnes.  He looked like he was having a great time out there and was one of the better prospects at the camp.  I fully expect him to join Miller as a 'Nole fairly soon.    Willis might not be able to get above 280lbs because he has narrow hips.  3-technique DT or SDE will be his destination.  


* Both Willis and Miller are early entries, meaning they will enroll in January and participate in spring.


Louis Nix (DT, Miami commit) looked powerful but not in the best of shape.  He also acts like a punk out on the field.  Kid has some character issues he needs to work out.

Shawn Green had a bad day and was actually pancaked once or twice in drills.  He kept at it though and he said that it was a great trip and that the school was very nice.  Some kids aren't camp players, and he might be one of those.

The most impressive defensive lineman was 2011 DE Tim Jernigan.  Unblockable.  I believe he had his shoulder iced after the event, but he looks to be a surefire 5* recruit.  He likes Florida early, but we can get him.



FSU wants to take 4 linebackers in this class and really needs 3 at an absolute minimum.  

LB Drills Video:  We see Nigel Terrell to open up this video (light skinned black kid on left side).  Onwukaife is in the green shorts, and Luc is in the baggy shorts.  He's also huge.  The focus of the water break is 2011 Karlos Williams.

Jeff Luc looked every bit of his 5* ranking.  The kid is a chiseled 240lbs (roughly).  He showed surprising quickness and was clearly the best linebacker at the event.  I tried not to watch him a ton because everyone else watched, but I'm told he covered the RB's very well.  Truly an elite prospect.

Christian Jones (Lake Mary, 4*, stud, Huge FSU lean) was very impressive looking (didn't pariticpate, just watched):  He'll look great in Garnet & Gold.  He looks almost as physically impressive as Luc.

Nigel Terrell looked to be very quick,.  He's probably a weakside linebacker and it seems that FSU has a shot. Truenole87 watched him and said he looked very long.  

Holmes Onwukaife.  FSU offered him.  6'3" 220.  He played defensive end last year, and will play OLB this year.  The kid is from Texas and is very smart.  Holds offers from Michigan and some other top schools.  Harvard as well (again, smart).  If he wants to come FSU would take him.  


Holmes Onwukaife

Holmes Onwukaife (via jackinthetrac)

Note:  FSU will not offer Jeremiah George.  He was not impressive.



No defensive back blew people away.  

Lamarcus Brutus was a 2011 kid that a lot of people liked.  Kid plays for Treasure Coast  (Jeff Luc's HS).  He can play safety or corner.  Obviously as a 2011 DB, he's a bit raw, but he has excellent feet for a sizable prospect.

'Nole Commit Terrance Brooks looked good and had a few nice jams in 7-on-7.  He's a physical kid.  Good but not great speed.  Could probably play safety or corner.  Definitely raw at this point, but that's what T-Buck is for (to teach technique).   Story on Brooks here.



Cody Riggs is just always playing well.  He's not flashy, but is very well coached.  Wore white w/ blue sleeves.

Tyler Hunter is an absolute stud corner/ safety prospect for 2011 out of Valdosta Lowndes (Greg Reid, Gerald Demps, Ed Christian are current 'Noles from there).  



Keion Payne looked okay, but did not blow people away.


Notable Missing Players

Lamarcus Joyner, 5* corner and large 'Nole lean did not make the trip back up after spending nearly a week in Tallahassee.  Most still expect him to commit before October.

Christian Green also visited FSU earlier in the week and did not make it to Showtime.  He's also looking heavily at the Gators.  Most recruitniks still believe he is a 'Nole.

LB Telvin Smith attended UGA's Dawg Night and not Showtime.  I can't see how people honestly expect him to be a 'Nole.  He will go to UGA in my opinion.


Photos of Current Players


E.J. Manuel & Greg Reid


Jacobbi McDaniel


More Videos!  

7-on-7 Video  In the first play of this three minute clip, we see Kenny Shaw catching a tight out route.  The 2nd clip focuses in on Jeff Luc (linebacker).  In the 3rd play we see Luc again.

Position Groups Video


FSU's Current Class:

6 of 8 FSU recruits are on ESPNU's 150 Watch List.  

QB (optional)
RB (optional)
WR De'Joshua Johnson
WR (optional)
H-Back (optional)
OL Ed Christian 
OL (optional)
WDE Corey Miller
SDE/DT Tavaris Barnes
SDE/DT Darious Cummings
CB Merril Noel
CB Terrence Brooks
CB/S (optional)
S Chad Abrams


FSU 7-on-7 (This Weekend)

The following prospects should be there:

DT CALVIN SMITH (not sure if he plays 7-on-7 but he told me on facebook that he'll be in town)
A few others but they are likely no-names.


Recruiting Big Board 


Recruiting Map


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