Monday Morning Tomahawks- Thursday 07.23.09 Edition

Inside you'll find...

  • A very interesting set of articles on the future of newspapers and sports media.  Where do we fit in?  
  • ACC unit rankings.
  • Some seriously great team previews from a blog I happened upon.
  • Nigel Bradham and some others cross-training at Middle Linebacker after the Williams injury.
  • Caz Piurowski is looking a lot better in practices thanks to eating less cheese.
  • Getting to know Corey Miller
  • Richard Goodman's charges should be dropped soon (he apparently didn't hit the girl with the chair in the union fight)

This article by Shanoff is one of the best pieces reflecting on the future of sports journalism I've read in a long time.

Dan Shanoff: vs Local Newspaper Sports
How big is ESPN’s move into local (or "hyperlocal") online sports media? Very very big. It was ground-breaking when they announced the pilot move into Chicago. And it’s even bigger today, when they will announce a move into New York, LA and Dallas. So big that the New York Times put that story on its front page today. So big that it should make the local sports outlets very very nervous.  

"In less than three months, ESPN Chicago has become the city's top sports site, attracting about 590,000 unique visitors in June... Second place went to the Tribune's online sports section with 455,000 unique visitors."

The Tribune's online sports hub has been around for years, dominating the city. has been around And it's already winning. (Or, perhaps, has it already won?)

Shanoff also discusses another giant in the room:  us (SB Nation):

Local newspapers' sports power was already under erosion on other fronts, besides ESPN: SB Nation has put together the best collection of team-based blogs found online, across every sport, in every market, with coverage that -- yes -- complements local news, but also goes a long way to displace it. Its distribution deal with Yahoo and CBS -- themselves traffic firehoses -- amplified that power exponentially.

In an ideal world, the $8 million that SB Nation just got from Comcast includes a commitment from Comcast to use SB Nation to power its local cable affiliates' web presences. And here's one more idea for Comcast: Drop the notion of Versus as "place to find niche sports whose rights ESPN didn't want" and pivot it to be about "Your Team," leveraging Comcast's local sports networks and the new investment in SB Nation.

Yeah, you'll see us on TV sometime soon.  We're already doing radio.  Click here for more on our comcast deal.

Anyways, this isn't a dogpile on newspapers.  We love Andrew Carter at the Sentinel and Steve and Corey for the Democrat.  It's simply a well thought out discussion of hyper-focused coverage we are able to provide.  To say nothing of our unlimited canvas.  When is the last time we were constrained by margins?

In the comment section to the piece, I also enjoyed reading comments by Dan (not the author) and Steph.  Particularly Steph's point about finding quality content.  A lot of sports sites are junk.  I think we provide the best 'Nole coverage in terms of things you care about like Analysis and striving to gain a deeper understanding of the program, including where the program sits relative to other similarly situated programs.  On that note, how did you find us?


This might even be better:

No news is bad news- Sports Business Journal
Excellent and long article on how teams turn to websites for coverage as newspapers die out.  Some shocking numbers and stories in this one.

Ranking the ACC Teams for 2009.
Probably better than Dinich's piece. He breaks down each position group. Can someone compare his rankings to Heather's?

The Consensus: A division title grows in Tallahassee - Dr. Saturday - NCAA Football -
The Doc takes a look at the 'Noles.  It's not as good as what you get here, but he really hits the nail on the head when discussing the 'Noles v. Clemson for the Atlantic. 


Know Your Enemies- 6 (Atlantic)- NC State " UNC Football Blog
Nice preview!

Know Your Enemies 3 (Coastal)- Miami " UNC Football Blog  Shockingly good.

Know Your Enemies 3 (Coastal)- Miami " UNC Football Blog  This guy can write.  

Know Your Enemies 2 (Coastal)- Georgia Tech Preview " UNC Football Blog  For a new blog, this guy is seriously good.UNC Preview " UNC Football Blog


Chat with Randy Spetman
John (Birmingham, AL): Randy, What game is the blackout game this year? Randy Spetman: We will not have a black out game in 2009. However, our marketing and promotions office has something very special planned that they tell me they don't want to release just yet. Stay tuned.  Hmmm... could this be some sort of throwback jersey?



More on Aubrey Phillips.  Follow this timeline.

We ripped the kid for not taking responsibility for his actions and then blaming the university. makes the "he knew the conditions and did not meet them argument" Takes the high road compares Phillips to the girl who burnt herself with the McDonalds hot coffee. critiques Chantrant's analogy.

Chantrant with their rebuttal 

Who is the winner?  You decide.  

My take?  Everyone wins.  It's the off season.  Keeping readers interested is tough.


FSU linebackers on call- Depth at position scarce, players must move around| Tallahassee Democrat
Vince Williams is out for the season with back surgery. Nigel Bradham, FSU's No. 1 weakside linebacker, said he has played some at middle linebacker during 7-on-7s that follows the summer agility and conditioning workouts on the FSU practice field.


FSU tight end Caz Piurowski is building on his resume | | Tallahassee Democrat
Caz Piurowski has dropped 15 lbs (from 275 to 260 on his 6'7" frame). He's now another season removed from playing offensive tackle and feels a lot more comfortable running routes. That's good news for the 'Noles, who won't need him to be quite the blocker he was last year.  


Orlando Sentinel - Getting to know Corey Miller by Andrew Carter
We’re going backwards here, folks. Terrence Brooks became the eighth member of the Class of 2010 to commit to Florida State when he made his decision at Seminole Showtime.   Miller is actively recruiting Marcus Lattimore, Brandon Willis, Kenny Shaw, and Christian Jones.


Richard Goodman's lawyer optimistic charges will be dropped -
John Fuchs, the state attorney assigned to the case, told the Sentinel on Tuesday that no formal charges have been filed against Richard Goodman and that the state attorney's office is still investigating Goodman's case. Fuchs declined to detail the investigation, but Lopez said the state attorney's office is exploring the possibility that the individual who swung the chair was not Goodman but instead a fraternity member who bears a likeness to Goodman. According to the police's probable cause affidavit, "Many of the witnesses identified the person who swung the chair as a black male with ‘dreadlocks,' but they were unable to identify anyone from photo line-ups which had included Goodman." Police contacted the key witness on April 2 and she was presented with a photographic lineup that included three Florida State football players and nine other Florida State students with dreadlock hairstyles, according to the affidavit. Police said the witness "positively and without hesitation" identified Goodman as the person who swung the chair. Lopez, though, said another witness has since emerged who has identified a fraternity member as the individual who both struck Goodman in the face with a trophy and who swung the chair that injured the female victim. Lopez said Goodman suffered injuries to his face as a result of being hit with the trophy. 

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