Cedar Park (Texas) Linebacker Holmes Onwukaife commits to the Florida State Seminoles!

Michigan's loss is Florida State's gain by way of Texas.  Cedar Park (Texas) Linebacker Holmes Onwukaife is the 10th Commitment of Florida State's 2010 recruiting class.


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Height: 6'3"
Weight 223lbs
40 Yard Dash: 4.5 (not laser timed)
Bench: 320
Vertical: 33"
ESPN Rating 78 (as a defensive end)
Rivals Rating: 3* (5.7), #24 DE
GPA: 3.3 (has an offer from HARVARD)
SAT 1340
Other Offers: Michigan, Ole Miss, Harvard, Texas Tech, UCLA, Virginia.  Texas seemed close to offering.

Inside we have more info and some video!  Highlights & Other Video Inside!  Three Highlight Videos!


He initially wanted to commit to Michigan a while ago, but they ran out of room at outside linebacker:  Onwukaife saw two guys commit to his position, then was told the "barn is full; how about middle linebacker?"  That's unavoidable, and Michigan tried to make room for him by offering to recruit him at another position.  

Fortunately, FSU has an enormous need at linebacker and FSU puts guys into the NFL at a ridiculous clip.  He's fairly raw and has the frame to play linebacker at 240-250lbs, which could means he could play middle linebacker, though he is likely to stay on the outside.



We first told you about Holmes Onwukaife when he came to Seminole Showtime and wowed our coaches.

LB Drills Video:  Onwukaife is in the green shorts.

Holmes played defensive end last year.  He will play linebacker this year for Cedar Park.


via cdn3.sbnation.com


Sophomore Highlights:


Junior Highlights

If that youtube video won't play, click here:  



Here's something from his ESPN.COM scouting report:

He is a physical kid that displays a solid get-off and is physical at the point of attack. He displays the ability to deliver a good pop to the blocker and hold his ground. He does need to watch his pad level and be more consistently active with his hands to help him shed and not be pushed back. He does display at times that he can be violent with his hands to get off blocks. He takes solid angles in pursuit. He is a pretty solid wrap-up tackler, but he can be a bit of an arm-tackler at times and leave his feet. As a pass-rusher, he will attack the shoulder and displays the ability to punch and work past a blocker. Onwukaife is a kid who lines up and plays hard. Seems a little tougher versus the run at this point. He is active, physical and should be able to be a productive college defender.


This from Brian at www.MGoBlog.com (Michigan's huge site)  Many thanks here:

Onwukaife showed well at a local camp:

Texas A&M-commit Gavin Stansbury (Franklin, La./Franklin) and Holmes Onwukaife (Cedar Park, Texas/Cedar Park) also drew high praise throughout the afternoon. … Onwukaife isn't as tall or rangy as Rasco or Stansbury, but he simply explodes off the ball and around the corner. Holmes, who holds six Big 12 offers among over 20 total, plans to sit down with his family sometime in the next couple of weeks and really begin to narrow his list.

The Texas Rivals site named him to their Hot 11 at that camp:

6-3/220, Cedar Park (Texas) High
He's a little bit undersized with a hand in the dirt but Onwukaife is a terrific athlete and a scary sight for offensive tackles coming off of the edge. He uses a strong variety of pass-rush moves, and his speed out of his stance and ability to turn the corner keeps OLs very off-balance. Though he is a speed rusher with limited size, Onwukaife is also a lot stronger than his size would suggest.

The sadly premium Rivals mainboard thread on Onwukaife's commitment was abnormally positive for an anonymous three star (or, at least it was before it descended into a Baylor-A&M flamewar—hurrah internet), and some local rankings agree with that assessment. This TCU fan's possibly worthwhile Texas top 150 has Onwukaife the #35 player in-state and the Longhorn Sports Report ranked him #47 in their latest revamp, with the serious possibility of a move up:

If you’re looking for a sleeper to emerge as a possible top 25 prospect before the end of the year, keep an eye on Onwukaife. At 6-3, 220 pounds, Onwukaife has the athleticism and raw ability to become a very good pass rusher at the next level. Onwukaife is a hard worker in the weight room, but he’s an inexperienced player that hasn’t had a ton of reps and is still learning who he is as a player, as he often plays with a style more suited for interior line play. Still, this is a kid that has always performed exceptionally well in combine settings, so you know the kid is an athlete. He’s going to need some time to develop, but he can become a front-line player for a major college program if he lands in the right spot.

#47 in the state might not sound like something awesome, but this is Texas we're talking about and Onwukaife finds himself in front of more than a few Rivals-approved four stars. This might be a case where the locals are ahead of the curve on a player.

A Texas Tech fan's opinion of that:

I like what Ketch did at #47 Holmes Onwukaife and agree that there are about 6 Big 12 programs, who should be after this guy as DE prospect.  Right now, he’s got offers from Houston, UCF, Rice, SMU and Harvard.  He could be looking to go a different direction in life than where Stillwater, Lincoln or Lubbock might send him.  Actually, Ketch does his best work on guys like this with no apparent regional ramifications and I’ll keep an eye on this kid.

Jim Stefani rated him the #3 linebacker in Texas last summer, FWIW. There is also a fluffy article from Onwukaife's attendance at Texas's camp last year that mostly talks about the players he opposed, not him.



I checked in with BurntOrangeNation.com (Texas site) to ask about the prospect, and while their main guy didn't get back to me yet, but some others did.

Holmes is extremely smart.  He's at the top of his class at a big high school in Texas and has an offer from Harvard.  He's now sold on FSU's academics apparently.  He works extremely hard, keeps to himself, and is not a troublemaker (read: NO CHARACTER CONCERNS). 


And our own TrueCubbie:

I like this kid a lot...

I think he will be a better linebacker than DE. Clearly, the Holmes is a student of the game and has spent time watching film. He is also a very patient player. Watch how he stays at home, with his shoulders parallel to the line when the play goes away from him. He also has an unbelievable motor; he never gives up on a play. The other thing I really like is how he plays with his head up and uses his hands and feet to shed blocks, keeping himself in good position. He is also violent at the point of attack, which is particularly noticeable in his junior year video. He also moves extremely well in open space and navigates the chaos around the line of scrimmage well, meaning not only does he have a good nose for the ball but he sees the field well and gets to the ball.

One of the reasons that I think he will do better playing a few yards off the line, is that he is a tad slow getting out of his stance. This was particularly true in his Soph video. Granted he makes up for it with his speed, strength and understanding of football. A lot of times in that video, they pause the video to highlight him after the play has started. It creates a subtle break in the video and you forget his first couple of steps. In his junior year video, he reacts better to the snap. I like that there was significant demonstration of improvement. You can’t get away with a slow step off the line in college. Putting him back a few yards will allow him to use his knowledge and speed to make excellent plays.

I really think that he will come in and make a significant impact from the start. I’m excited that he’s ours. Watch out because this kid could be the face of our defense for the next few years. Let’s hope we can continue to get players like this in our program.


Given FSU's huge need at linebacker (they need to take 2-3 more in this class), Holmes is a huge get for the 'Noles.  He's a hard worker who "gets it" with a lot of potential.  Very coachable and should easily be able to play linebacker.  Again, this is another kid with low bust potential and good upside.  

QB (optional)
RB (optional)
WR De'Joshua Johnson
WR Jarred Haggins
WR (optional)
H-Back (optional)
OL Ed Christian 
OL (optional)
WDE Corey Miller
SDE/DT Tavaris Barnes
SDE/DT Darious Cummings
LB  Holmes Onwukaife
CB Merril Noel
CB Terrence Brooks
CB/S (optional)
S Chad Abrams


The TomahawkNation.com recruiting map has been updated to reflect the commitment.

Make sure to check the TomahawkNation.com Recruiting Board to stay current with all the 'Nole's current targets!

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