Decatur, GA (Columbia) Tight End Tank Sessions commits to the Florida State Seminoles!

James Coley and Dexter Carter got their man.  Columbia High's Tank Sessions of Decatur, Georgia, committed to the Florida State Seminoles.  He is the 'Nole's 11th commitment of the 2010 class.

Height: 6'6" (legit, I stood next to him and spoke to him a bit at Seminole Showtime)
Weight: 225
40-Yard-Dash: 4.75
Vertical: 35" has Tank as a 3* (5.6) and calls him the #35 Weakside defensive end. rates him a 74, which equates to a rivals 3* as well.

Tank held offers from Auburn, Ole Miss, NC State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.  The Oklahoma and Oklahoma State offers are very impressive, as those two schools really know how to evaluate tight ends.

Here's ESPN's evaluation (only the part about him playing tight end.  They don't like him as a defensive end):

Sessions may be known as Tank, but he is built more like a rocket. He is a tall, lean kid who plays both tight end and defensive end in high school. He likely will be recruited for both sides of the ball. Regardless of which position he plays he will need to add bulk. He has a good frame for both, but certainly needs to keep filling out. He has good straight-line speed. Displays adequate short-area, change-of-direction skills. The better and safer fit for him we feel is at tight end where he could be a solid blocker. He comes from a Wing-T offense (they don't throw the ball much) and has experience as an in-line blocker. Displays more of a physical nature on offense. Displays the ability to come out of his stance low and generate power from his hips on contact. Needs to work on getting better hand placement, but gets hands on. He moves his feet and can create some push. His ability as a receiver is a question mark as he gets limited opportunities to catch the ball in high school. Either way a kid we feel will greatly benefit from a red-shirt.

I talked to Tank briefly when he walked off the field from Seminole Showtime.  He is a legit 6'6" and looks like a basketball player.  I am 6'2" and he towered over me.  Tank indicated that he was having a really good time.  In our recap of that event, I wrote:

TE Tank Sessions was the only decent looking tight end at the event.  He has flashes but the kid is raw.  He looked natural out there and Coley was all over him from what I saw and heard (didn't get to watch him much). 


The reality is that Sessions is more of an athlete than a football player right now.  He has just begun focusing on football in the past year.  He has a lot of ability, but he is extremely raw.  A blank canvas that FSU tight ends coach James Coley must mold him into a tight end, Sessions is an excellent basketball player.  Notable tight ends who played basketball in their career include Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales.  FSU has not thrown the ball to its tight ends in the last decade.  As a result, they are faced with a choice in recruiting tight ends.  Elite prospects aren't going to choose a school that has not thrown the ball to its tight end in a decade.  FSU can either get a kid who is polished but of limited talent, or a kid who is very talented and raw.  They choose the latter because they have good coaches who will mold Sessions into a weapon.  After FSU develops some tight ends and shows a willingness to throw them the ball, they will be able to compete for the Nation's top tight end prospects. 

At 6'6", Tank is a matchup problem.  He's probably too fast for a lot of linebackers, and is a mismatch for any safety.  I am extremely encouraged by his willingness to block people, because most "basketball recruits" do not/ cannot/ will not block.  FSU can teach Tank to run routes.  I project Tank to play at 250-260lbs as an upperclassman while still maintaining his agility.

I spoke with FSU commitment Corey Miller tonight after Tank committed and he said:

That's what's up!  'Noles gettin' it done!  We Stackin (the 'Noles are going to be stacked.)

Miller and (I assume) Darious Cummings will be in contact with Sessions tomorrow or very soon.


The Orlando Sentinel has some choice quotes:

 "I like the atmosphere there and everything going on down there," Sessions said. "Me and the coaches get along real well. I like Coach Carter [running backs coach Dexter] and enjoy talking to him. I enjoyed working with Coach Coley [tight end coach James] during the camp. He is crazy. He is real hyperactive and energetic, I liked that."

"I am coming in as a tight end," he said. "I like defense but lately I have been working on a lot of catching and stuff and I am starting to like tight end better."



As always, refer to the 2010 Recruiting Board for all your recruiting needs!!


6 of 11 FSU recruits are on ESPNU's 150 Watch List.  9 of 11 are rated 78 or better.  

Current Class

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RB (optional)
WR De'Joshua Johnson
WR Jarred Haggins
WR (optional)
H-Back (optional)
TE Tank Sessions
OL Ed Christian 
OL (optional)
WDE Corey Miller
SDE/DT Tavaris Barnes
SDE/DT Darious Cummings
LB Holmes Onwukaife
CB Merril Noel
CB Terrence Brooks
CB/S (optional)
S Chad Abrams


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