Janoris Jenkins Charges Deferred..... JUST UPDATED!!!!

The Following quote is from Huntley Johnson the Lawyer....

UF starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins signed a deferred prosecution agreement with the State Attorney's Office on Tuesday morning.

As part of the agreement, Jenkins must have no violations in the next sixth months, pay $50 for the cost of prosecution, and either donate $150 to a charity or perform 15 hours of community service work. If Jenkins fulfills the demands of the agreement, his record will be clean.

 "It's a done deal," said Huntley Johnson, Jenkins' attorney. "Frankly, that's the worst treatment I expected. Janoris has taken the responsibility by signing this. This is what he should do.

"The truth is, I feel as though he didn't really do anything wrong here. I don't want to get into a big contest with (the Gainesville Police Department). Let's just say this is a compromise as far as I'm concerned. This is being inside the 20-yard line and settling for three (a field goal)."

Jenkins, a sophomore from Pahokee, was arrested on May 30 for his role in a fight downtown. Police, who used a Taser on Jenkins, charged Jenkins with affray and resisting arrest without violence when he tried to flee from the scene.

After investigating the incident, the State Attorney's Office dropped the charge of affray, but maintained the charge of resisting without violence.

"The facts didn't constitute the alleged charge of affray," said Spencer Mann, a spokesperson for the State Attorney's Office.

Mann said there are two main criteria for charging someone with affray. There must be a fear and terror factor, and there must be a primary aggressor.

There were several people involved in the incident. According to the police report, Jenkins struck an individual while police were trying to break up the confrontation. After police used a Taser on him, he tried to run. He stopped after about two blocks, police said.


Ok so let me see if I can figure this one out:

Tallahassee: where FB players are involved in fights with no police witnesses lead to 6 month investigations and full charges brought against football players and none against the opposing party.

Gainesville: where FB players are involved in fights w/ police witnesses and said player has charges dropped for the fight and is offered deferred prosecution for... running from the police.

 I wonder when the Gators recruit kids if they introduce them to Huntley Johnson. And let them know how CLOSE they are with the States Attny. Office. Hell the way these kids get off its NO WONDER they have as many commits as they do.

 By the way, here in Panama City at the Public Defenders Office there is a guy named, Fritz Mann. He has a brother... and they are BOTH Gator Fans.... Do the math.

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