For Entertainment Purposes Only- Week 1: 09/01- 09/07

Welcome to another edition of For Entertainment Purposes Only!  Last year, this rather informal column went 251-190 (57%) +41.0 That's 251 wins and 190 losses for a winning percentage of 57%.  If you were wagering $100 fake dollars per game, you would have netted $4100 at season's end.  But since these are fake wagers, we refer to our wager amount as "units."  First though, a disclaimer: 

I want to emphasize that we don't endorse gambling at this site, and anything on here is for entertainment purposes only.  Always check with your local, state, or federal laws to determine the legality of wagering.

First we discussed some wagers for conference and division winners.  Since then, the odds on Clemson have gone from +1000 to +300, and Ole Miss went from +350 to +200.  No odds went against our decisions.  

Then we went over season win totals.  Vegas set the number, we called it over or under!

Today we will look at the games for week 1 and find some choice fake wagers.  

All fake wagers are for 1 unit each.  I typically do not give long rambling discussions.  I wager for value.  I do not always believe that the underdog will win the game, but rather that the underdog will stay within the number.

If you want to discuss a game I have listed, or any game, just ask!

I play a lot of volume, so adjust your wager size downward!  Do not wage rmore than 1% of your fictituous bankroll per game.  Do not arbitrarily adjust your unit size.  

These are week 1 openers and they have and will move and change a lot before game time.  That is the nature of the beast.  Find your best number.  Don't chase over key numbers.


  • North Carolina State -3 over So Carolina  I discussed this game here.  Since then, NCST lost linebacker Nate Irving.
  • Wisconsin -15.5 over Northern Illinois.  NIU not on par with Wisky
  • Toledo/ Purdue Under 52    I do not trust Purdue's offense at all.
  • Utah State +22  this game means more to Utah State and Utah should be rusty.
  • Notre Dame -12.5    I actually like Nevada here but this lins should climb a bit and if it gets to 17 I will take Nevada and play for the middle.
  • North Texas +21 Too many in the opener.
  • Ohio +4.5  Uconn is probably not better than Ohio early in the year.  
  • Louisiana Tech -13.  laying points with Auburn is scary, but this coaching staff will run the score up given the opportunity.
  • Oklahoma -21  BYU's defense is very bad and OU should cover if they take care of business early.
  • Illinois -4  Illinois has much better athletes and I expect Mizzouri to take a step back this year.
  • San Jose State +35.5  There is no way USC is focused for this game as Ohio State looms large.  
  • Idaho +6  Idaho is likely the better team.
  • Georgia +6  Georgia returns more starters than OKST.  They are a better team now and were a better team last year and are more talented than OKST.  OKST's defense is seriously bad.  And Georgia did this while also dealing with 44 starts lost to injury.  Do not overlook UGA this year.  They are loaded with guys you have not heard of yet.
  • UAB -3    Rice lost a ton and I expect UAB to win by 10+
  • Texas A&M -10  New Mexico just isn't a good team and A&M will score points.
  • Bama/ VTech Under 37.5    Both defenses are excellent and both offenses could struggle.
  • Wake Forest -1  Wake has an experienced OLine and a 4-year starter at QB.  Baylor got lucky last year and the Big 12 really made their offense look better than it was.
  • FSU/ Miami over 48.5  Both defenses struggled last year and both offenses return almost everyone.
  • Clemson -19.5  This is the home opener for a team needing to make a big impression.  Death valley at night.

So, Current Wagers for the season are:

Clemson to win the ACC +1000 
VTech to win the Coastal +175 
Nebraska to win the Big 12 North +175 
Ole Miss to win the West: +350 
Rutgers to win the Big East +500

Maryland Terrapins under 6 wins at -165
Texas Over 10 wins at -155
Rutgers over 8 wins at -200
Illinois over 7 1/2 wins @ -150
South Carolina under 7 wins @ -145
Tennessee Over 7 wins at +140
Arizona State Under 6.5 at -110
Georgia Tech Under 8.5 at -120
Missouri Under 7.5 @ -185
Alabama over 9.5 @ +145
Southern Cal Under 10.5 -140
Arizona Over 6.5 wins at -110
VTech Under 9.5 wins at -155

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