Tomahawk Nation Making Noise Nationally as 1st Birthday Passes

Well guys, it's been just over a year since we started Tomahawk Nation.  Let's see how far we've come.  

Our members now number in the thousands.  1,050 registered members to be exact (and more when you read this).  It is our community that makes Tomahawk Nation the place it is.  You give us the inspiration to write new articles that make you view Florida State and football in a different and new way.

In under a year, we've expanded from two authors to 18, and are constantly on the lookout for new talent.  Everyone here is a volunteer.  I now get a stipend, but it's not enough to cover the cost of gas to and from the games.  All of our authors are seriously here out of love for the 'Noles program.  

Our message is spreading.  We want to create smarter FSU fans.  When you leave our site, we want you to have greater knowledge of your team, but also a deeper understanding.  Not just that FSU is good at something, but why they are good.  

And you keep coming back.  In huge numbers.  Take a look at our unique visitors per month.  



There is now little doubt that Tomahawk Nation will have over 1,000,000 (Yes a million) unique visits in 2009.  August projects to be the first 100K visit month.  

And we've done it in multiple ways.  Tomahawk Nation now has over 400 people following our twitter feed.  Our followers now include several nation writers, like Tony Barnhardt, Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, and ESPN's Heather Dinich.  To follow us on Twitter, visit this link

Additionally, the Tomahawk Nation Facebook page is getting big as well with more than 500 fans.  Become a fan of us on Facebook!

More and more, we're getting noticed nationally.  Recently, we were recognized in the New York Times.  And the Sporting News called Tomahawk Nation the top ACC Website.  

Additionally, Tomahawk Nation is now the host site for all things ACC on SBNation.  

And we will keep growing.  Tomahawk Nation isn't going away.  We're already an official partner of CBS Sports (look for something big with them tomorrow)  Cbs_partner, and SBNation (our parent network) just inked an $8 Million dollar deal with Comcast's Venture Capital division.  

So a big thank you to you, our readers.  Without you coming back and commenting and sharing your opinions, the site would have folded long ago.  Keep telling all your Seminole friends about us, and we'll keep pumping out the content you enjoy.  

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