Tomahawk Nation Sets Record and Inspires New CBS Sports Blogpoll Rule

So the results are in the the CBS Sports Blogpoll has been tabulated.  The Tomahawk Nation entry drew a lot of attention, which in turn, exposed the hypocrisy of pre-season polls.  Click on our entry to see our argument.  We expected another entry to use alphabetical order, which would make our poll slightly less of an outlier, but they chickened out, thus leaving Tomahawk Nation as the winner of the Mr. Bold Award.

The Georgia vote (in the #1 slot) comes from Tomahawk Nation , which decided to make its preseason ballot based entirely on schedule strength. Do I like this? No. It creates a very, very silly ballot which won Mr. Bold by a huge margin and I thought seriously about spiking it. I decided against it since it's the preseason and I don't have any hard evidence that Vanderbilt is not a top ten team. But I am implementing a new guideline: if your ballot wins Mr. Bold by five or more points I'm removing it from that week's poll.

Good to see that Bryan understands the hypocrisy behind pre-season polling.  We did place Vanderbilt in our top 10, which was based on projected schedule strength.  After all, the only thing these teams have done so far is schedule.  No games have been played.  We have now inspired a new rule!  We intend to violate our own rule every season in the pre-season poll, as a protest against pre-season polling.  It will be like Steve Spurrier's Duke vote.  

Mr. Bold

# Blog Team   Avg Error
1 Tomahawk Nation Florida State 11.92
2 Saurian Sagacity Florida 5.87
3 One Bronco Nation Under God Boise State 4.41
4 Frank Helps You Tulane 4.09
5 The Joe Cribbs Car Wash Auburn 3.94

As previously discussed, TN dominates Mr. Bold by ranking all schedule-like. That six-plus point margin of victory is probably a poll record, and in the future we'll weed out polls so divergent from the rest of the blogs that they obviously don't exist in the same reality.

That's not the first time we won Mr. Bold, but it's nice to set a record that will never be topped again.

For all the other awards and to see the combined poll, click the first link in this article.  As always, next week we will start anew and our poll will look entirely different, and it will be based entirely on to-date resume.

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