Monday Morning Tomahawks- 08.03.2009 Edition

It was a busy weekend for the 'Noles.  Let's have a look at the news coming out of Tallahassee.


  • Much recruiting news
  • FSU's defense is getting bigger.  Is it big enough?
  • FSU's tight ends could be a big factor this season.
  • Much more, including some heavy analytics stuff.

As you probably know, Marcus Lattimore named his top five schools and FSU did not make the list.  The stud runner from Byrnes HS (SC) is being negatively recruited and FSU does not have a real shot, it appears.  FSU will move on and pursue other running backs.  See the Big Recruiting Board for more:


You might remember our piece on the relationship between front seven size and defensive performance.  FSU was very small last year.  They should be somewhat bigger this year.  

FSU's McDaniel, McAllister have to be ready | | Tallahassee Democrat
McDaniel is 6'0" 288lbs McAllister is 6'5" 262lbs

Seminoles perform well on strength and agility | | Tallahassee Democrat
Kendrick Stewart up to 278lbs, from 265lbs.

FSU's Mincey makes big strides | | Tallahassee Democrat
Mincey is up to 272lbs (from 256 last year) and is making huge strides in strength and conditioning.    

Two things here.  First, the 'Noles are still too small and will not reach the magic threshold of 1830lbs.  Second, they are bigger this year and that's a step in the right direction. 

Increase in playing time for Seminole tight ends? | | Tallahassee Democrat
FSU will use more two-tight end sets this year because they don't have a fullback. Also, Jabarris Little has increased his work ethic, which he needed to do, going from 222lbs to 237.

A Look at 2008 Season Parity - From The Rumble Seat  A look at the ACC's parity vs. the SEC.  The ACC really is like the NFL. College Football - 120 Countdown: No. 14 Ga. Tech  Pretty solid.

Smart Football: More on evaluating the run game  Read this. It is long and very good. Digest the links he cites.

Looking Ahead: The 2009 ACC Basketball Recruiting Classes (Part 1) - Tomahawk Nation
An In-Depth look at the 2009 ACC Basketball Recruiting Classes. Part 1 of a 2 part series from Tomahawk Nation.

Looking Ahead: The 2009 ACC Basketball Recruiting Classes (Part 2) - Tomahawk Nation  Part 2 of Tomahawk Nation's evaluation of the 2009 ACC Basketball recruiting classes. Who were the winners and losers in this year's class? 

Merrill Noel Switches to the Deacons - Tomahawk Nation
This isn't a big deal. interviews James Warren (Jamnolfin)- who has signed up over 100 boosters and plans to have 150 by the Miami game.  Great job by Chantrant to snag his interview and spread the word.

Ryan Perrilloux is not suspended for the FSU game.  Chantrant with another great get.

In my continuing effort to highlight great comments, this one comes from the Off-Season Discussion Thread:  

I have a request for an article by people who are much more football-smart than I am
I'm sure there are those of you who watch highlights just as much as I do, and noted the different formations we ran much more of this past year.

I was wondering if someone could explain the advantages of these different packages and how they'd complement our personnel in certain situations.

Like these bunch formations.

It's a really large order, I'm sorry, but any consideration would be really, really cool. Thanks

by pillsburysoldier

And the response:  

Nice question
So this is my personal feeling on the bunch formation and just what I found as a player and watching film. I hate the formation when it is used towards the boundary like in the picture.

1. If you look at the defense they have 8 guys 4 without there hand on the ground within 4 yards of the line of scrimmage, that means any one of them could be a blitz candidate making it a nightmare for the oline to pick up. If there is a blitz to the bunch side no chance for the tackle to get out to pick it up because the d end is lined up on his outside shoulder and his job would be to wash him down thus making it a two on one with the running back.

2. Now for the Db's part of it since we are assuming there is a blitz on that would leave the middle backer and the corner back to cover three, well be assured that the safety will be rolling down into coverage also. Since the bunch is to the short side of the field its less area for the guys to cover meaning you don't have to use as many guys in the zone.

3. Since it is a blitz the guys in coverage know that the ball is going to be coming out fast and they don't have to worry about the vertical routes to much since the qb and receiver wont have time to get into them.
Ok thats what I see to the strength of the formation.

4. What I see back side and its a MAJOR tell for me is that the corner is lined up in press coverage Normally if your on an island like that as a corner you give a little cushion so you dont get taken vertical, well if you know that a blitz is coming you press up in order to take away the hot route and anything that would be quick and underneath.

Now im going to pretend im the o coordinator. If I see this Defense im running the football to the weak side of the formation. You can run option even with a slow Qb or you can run power with zone blocking steps.

1. Take notice of the weak side tackle either play you run there is a natural double to the middle back for either the guard center or the guard tackle. Lets pretend that we are running power every offensive lineman is taking his first step with his left foot. Here we go the TE will step down and simply slow the End down, The guard and tackle to the strength of the formation will double the Dtackle to the back side backer. The center and the playside guard will double the Dtackle to the middle backer and the playside tackle will take the end wherever he wants to go if he wants to go down ride him and let the runing back cut off of that if he wants to go upfield run him right past the play. What you will end up with is a running back on a safety every running back coach in america says this make the first guy miss.

2. If you are going to run option even with a SLOW SLOW qb its still perfect, We are going to focus on the playside which will be the single receiver side. You are going to option the Dend which allows the tackle and the guard to double up to the mike, the center will be responsible for making the backside backer scrape all the way over the top of him the backside guard and tackles job is simple cut the backside tackle and end down. Again it will come down to either the Qb or the running back one on one with a safety coming down hill.

by 21nole24



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