FSU- Why so much hate from Clemson fans?

Specifically in SC, which could easily have bearing on Lattimore's decisions.

Background: I grew up in Greenville SC for all of my youth, and at 23 I moved to Atlanta Ga. When I was little I was a Clemson fan (being form Gville that would be an obvious choice). After being around so many Clemson fans through friends, school, and neighbors one thing came blatantly clear. Clemson fans are a horrible breed.

I watched as my next door neighbors turned their house and cars orange on gamedays only to see it disappear in minutes if Clemson lost, but when they won, it Clemson this and Clemson that for days on end.

I spent many weekends in or near Clemson with friends and I never left home without some sort of FSU garb(though it has becoming increasingly hard to get nice stuff these days), and it has never failed to get some sort of smart remark, dirty looks, and attitude out the wazzou.

I could watch friends who pulled for other teams ND, UGA, UNC, and even USCe. And Clemson fans could really care less about them. So what gives? I thought back then it was due to the MANY spankings FSU gave Clemson in the late 80's and 90's, but the hate still seems strong.

I remember vividly back when FSU played Clemson in 1999 and my wife and I were walking in to the game and passed 4 Clemson fans and they started mouthing profanities at us. Back then I was more of a hot head, but my wife wouldn't let me turn around.

I visited a few freinds last month and we went out to downtown Gville. Most of the Clemson kids must have been home because they were all over the place. I had my FSU hat on and as usual, nothing but glares and attitudes. So after seeing atleast 15 people give me greif, I finally walked over and asked a guy playing pool with a Clemson shirt on what gives. Unfortunately he didn't have an answer. 

You might be asking where am I going with all this? Well, several places honestly. 

First, I am amazed that we are able to get kids from Byrnes or any where near Clemson. I could see how the peoples attitudes in the surrounding area could influence a top instate player. Lattimore would have it easy going to USCe compared to FSU for a number of reasons previously mentioned in other posts.

Second, as I mentioned the attitude from Clemson fans, have any of you had similar happenings with other fans? Obviously, I am sure there are many UF and UM stories because that is a traditional instate rival, but even when I run into those fans I rarely get a look or anything for that matter unless it is game day, which is very understandable.

I miss the days of FSU slaughtering Clemson. Coming from SC, for me personally, Clemson is as BIG of a rival as UF or UM.

Side note: Is the lack of  "good" FSU gear related to recent mediocrity by FSU on the field and the negative publicity off the field, or have other teams risen to the national market? Is demand really that down for FSU gear? I can't find much of anything in Atlanta that I haven't seen from 8 years ago or older. I hear people asking for it a lot, but I can't find anything decent unless I go to Tally.....sad sad days.  

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