Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Kick-Off Party Wrap-Up

The K-Man was on hand this Saturday to represent Tomahawk Nation at the SCGO FSU 2009 Kick-Off party. I've got some photos and tidbits to share.



(from left to right: Keith Jones, Andre Cooper, Corey Sawyer, William Floyd, Tom Block)

The Seminole Club of Greater Orlando held it's 2009 FSU Kick-Off Party on Wall St. in Downtown Orlando this past Saturday. The former players in attendance included Corey Sawyer, William Floyd, Nick Maddox, Tiger McMillon, Connell Spain, Andre Cooper, Willie Pauldo, and Phillip Riley.
I joined the festivities after 6 pm, and there were still a couple hundred Nole fans decked out in Garnet and Gold. The event featured a raffle of prizes, Keith and Tom's Q & A with the former players, autographs sessions, an opportunity to ask Bobby Bowden a taped question to be aired on SunSports, FSU merchandise for sales, food vendors, a Bait & Switch free beer promotion (tricked me), and a Bounce House for little kids. I may or may not have noticed a couple hot FSU chicks wearing sun dresses in the bounce house (hint: yes)

I wish I had a better summary of the Q & A session, but Andre Cooper's microphone was kicking some nasty feedback and I had to walk away for a while.

William Floyd talked about the 1993 National Championship being his fondest memory.

He was asked about when he discoverd that Warrick Dunn was special. He said it was the first practice where he was lead blocking for Dunn. Said even though Dunn was recruited as a DB, they knew from practice #1 that he was gonna run the ball.

Tom asked who's the most "in shape" teammate not including current NFL players. He picked himself and took a jab at Tamarick Vanover. Said Vanover played at about 225, but he'd look natural coming off the defensive line today.

Corey Sawyer also said the emotions of beating Nebraska in 1993 were his favorite.

Raved about Patrick Robinson's potential if he continues to work hard and focus. Said Patrick could be a 1st-Team All-American in 2009.

Andre Cooper never had the opportunity to win a title with FSU, but he picked the 1996 Orange Bowl win over Notre Dame as his favorite memory in a Nole uniform.

I'd like to go on the record as saying Keith Jones is a tremendous asset to the Florida State football program. Although he played prior to my birth, he ranks upon my all-time favorite Noles due to his unquestioned love for the team, incredible insight and honesty, and his personal touch to so many classic broadcast throught my life. I also heard he put a lickin' on the Huskers back in the day.


(left to right: Maddox, Floyd, Pauldo, Sawyer, Cooper, Spain)


I attended the event wearing the 2009 Tomahawk Nation T-Shirts with the artist, Stacy. Several daily readers of the site recognized the name and/or logo and approached me to talk about the site. isn't a household name yet, but the people who know about it seem to universally LOVE IT. One of the loyal readers won a Silver Chiefs parking pass for the entire season during the raffle. Sounds like karma to me.

Another one of the readers, who shall remain anonymous, asked Tom Block and Keith Jones a couple questions about this year's team. Let's call the reader, "Todd". He wanted me to publish his conversation, and I appreciate the help from a Tomahawk Nation reader.

I didn't want to use his words verbatim, but "Todd" wrote it better than I could ever re-summarize:

I asked Tom if FSU was going to start defending against the TE this year and he started laughing and then said, "I think you need to ask Keith about that!" Then Keith said, "We certainly hope so." Then he said "First we have to…" but I missed what he said because my wife started yelling at me about how I was changing my son’s diaper. I wish I knew what he said, but I don’t want to misquote him. I then asked him if we were going to be using a FB this year and he said, "No, we will not. We will be using an H-Back. You may even see the TE lining up in the backfield."

Thanks again, whoever you are ;). I hope I don't stir up any trouble by airing your family business, but I think it's funny and super real. (BTW, his son is adorable and a trooper. The event got loud.)

The Miami Seminole Club will be hosting a party this Saturday, and I hope to represent TN again. Anybody else planning to attend?


Connell Spain and Corey Sawyer at the autograph table.

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