Play DC. What are your ideas to help the defense THIS year..?

We all have our ideas as to why our defense played so horrible on Monday night.  Wither you think it's recruiting in 06-07, bad scheme/coaching, or that UM has a stud OL that can pass protect forever (dripping sarcasm there), most of us can agree that our defense is bad.  We're not just going to forfeit all our games until next year's recruiting class, so what can be done this year with our current roster to help us stay in games..?

These are a few of my ideas


A)  We have to change our attacking style to more read and react.

Why? We do not have the DL to do this.  If you want to attack the ball behind the LOS, you have to be able to get there.  Our DL is simply being pushed around.  I did see McDaniel command a few double teams, but it doesn't matter if he eats up another blocker but no one else can get pressure.  We don't have the depth at LB to do this.  Our OLBs are being sent up field on almost every pass play.  We have no one we trust to spell them in those situations, and all three are getting gassed.  Watson tried to take himself out on a critical down in the 4th quarter.  I like our starters at LB, but we have no rotation for these guys  Letting the LBs sit, find the ball, THEN attack is less taxing.  Our DBs are left on islands as a result of all the blitzing.  That would not be a problem if we could get to the QB, but no one can cover a WR for 10+ seconds. 

2)  Take risk to produce turnovers.

Turnovers could be our best chance to stop a team from scoring.  We aren't going to stop any decent offense in a more traditional way, so taking a few more chances can't hurt.  We should play more nickle and let someone like Reid roam and "ball hawk".  We can rename this the I-Back (for interception back, lol).  Our blitzes have to be more creative.  Just sending a LB at the snap of the ball to shoot a gap isn't working.  I would like to see more delayed and overload type blitzes.  Delayed blitzes allow the OL to stand up, and give our LB/DBs a better chance of using their speed to blow past them.  If a QB doesn't feel pressure initially, it can give him a false sense of security in the pocket.  Overload blitzes (similar to the Steelers) are high risk/high reward.  If you send 3 guys from one side, someone is coming free.  In some occasions, the OL has such a hard time deciding who to pick up, 2 or more might come unblocked.  While not ideal for more than 4-5 times a game, used in the right spot, it can yield great benefits.

D) Put the best 11 guys on the field as our base defense, period.

This is my most radical idea, but the more I think about it, the more l like it.  Im my mind, right now that would be (in no particular order) Watson, Bradham, Carr, P Robinson, M White, McDaniel, McCray, Harley, Reid, Jenije, and J Robinson.  Put that on paper and that's a 3-3-5.  So be it.  These 11 guys gives us the best chance of winning, and they need to be on the field for the most snaps. 


Agree with all or any of this?  If not, what are your ideas?

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