I think this 2-game stretch is hugely important for FSU -- so does Jimbo

There are members of the TN who can run circles around me when it comes to X's and O's. What I do feel like I've gained in my (way too many) years following college football is a good sense of the intangibles of a team and season. I think both are crucial -- we crushed BYU because of scheme AND attitude. We almost lost to Jax. St. for both reasons as well.

I think we're in a key two-game stretch of the season.

In the past few years -- and even in this season -- Florida State has shown an inability to put away lesser opponents. We certainly saw that this season in Week 2.

It's the mark of a poorly managed program that the team only gets "up" for the big games.

Well, we are now facing two opponents against which we will be clearly favored, but which can EASILY defeat us if we don't bring a top effort. How will we respond?

A lot of it is about confidence. If we, for example, defeat USF with ease and have a low-stress ballgame, that will carry over to the BC game. But if we struggle and win a Jax. St. type of game, I fear our confidence will suffer.

Another important point on this Saturday's game -- it's time for us to play well and win at home! Other than UVA last year, we have not played well at home, either losing outright or beating W. Mich 28-20. It's time to re-establish our home field advantage, esp. with big games coming up at Doak vs. G Tech and NCSU.

So, what does this have to do with Jimbo Fisher?

I thought the most interesting and perhaps underplayed quote after the BYU game came from Fisher in the Salt Lake City Tribune:

"I'm tired of hearing we have potential," said FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. "We've now stepped over the line. We can't go back."

Here's how I would translate that quote: We've got to get off the rollercoaster and start putting forth this kind of effort every week.

Now, I'm not saying there aren't going to be peaks and valleys, but our valleys are far too deep. We need solid performances against USF and BC. If we do that then we can get ready for another peak vs. GT. Otherwise, all our momentum can/will be stifled, we might even lose one of these games and we will have "gone back," as Jimbo has warned can't happen.

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