Some Observations; Remove Bobby Petition

Found this petition online

Fire/Remove Bobby Bowden

Anyway, I posted these thoughts here and there throughout the site, but I really felt it needs its own post because I feel that there are a lot of conflicting views here and we just need a spot to duke it out.

Make sure to take the leap...

(A) Christian Ponder was really banged up.

  He could barely move. When you have a quarterback who can barely move it means 2 things. (1) They are no threat to run--especially when the reason they can't run isn't because they are slow, but because they are slow AND hurt. (2) When handing the ball off from under center it is going to take the QB a few fractions of a second longer to get to the running back, this giving JUST enough time for the D-Line to penetrate your run blocking scheme.


Riddle me this...How many 1,000 yard backs were there who played with Dan Marino? Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar who rushed for 1116 yards in 1996 (yahoo answers). Do you know why he only had one? It was because Marino was too slow to hand the ball off to the RB.


(2) How can you judge a man who is not in charge?

  Often times in my working career I am asked to perform on projects where I act as the project lead. However, when it comes down to signing the contract I have no position of authority to do so-- I can only recommend. With this kind of atmosphere, I often have to leave very worthy potential candidates with their thumbs up their butt because the language I offered implied to them that they were going to get the contract. However, upon review by my superiors they often choose a different route, leaving me feeling like an awful human being and really wondering what my benefit to the company is.

  Do you feel that this situation relates to Jimbo Fisher? I, personally, do. He took a team that had zero offense to the best offense in the ACC in 2008 and now he has to take the next step without a supportive, attentive boss who has his agenda in line with the program.


(D) Depth is still an issue, and the coaches are not helping--mostly on defense.

  When playing extremely challenging schedules (as I very much support) you have to be 2 and 3 people deep @ each position. You either have to recruit the best players or train your players to be the best. Hopefully you can do both, however, one of these is a requirement to be a team that wins at-least 9 games a season.

(4) Jimbo's boys are frustrated; psychological issues are abundant with the team.

  Make sure to check your sideline shots of the offensive players. Something is not sitting well in their gut and they are feeling uncomfortable holding up the team. With that said, I personally think this experience should and will teach them how to be men. And with that said, if they man up and begin to perform consistently then I will feel more highly of Jimbo than I already do.


(G) Know how to separate performance from play calling. And then, think to yourself, "Who the heck wanted that play to be called."

  Fisher's play calling is not gimmicky. It isn't. He runs right at the defense and will use containment plays (QB runs, reverses and bubble screens) to keep the defense honest. If you see a gimmick... think to yourself, who is the gimmick master? I can tell you it isn't Fisher.

  But back to performance. Holding, fumbling and dropping passes are not a part of play calling. Now, mental toughness is a part of doing these things, but these things only hurt your ability to implement your game strategy.


It, hopefully, is the end of the FSU Football World as we know it. And I would feel finer if Bobby were to remove himself politely. I trust Jimbo and I think the university, besides their neglect at removing Bowden, really wants this program moving in the right direction.

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