Florida States Rainbow offense?

I have been following Florida State football for about 25 years and the one thing I have noticed about the Dunasty years is that Florida State was always ahead of the curve in creating new and different offensive looks.

Now I am not saying Jimbo Fisher is a bad Offensive cordinator because he is very good but it seems that he is not the most creative guy out there.

If you look at the evil empire that is currently on top of the cfb world there is a lot of creativity and misdirection in their offense. Now if Tebow was not the qb I am sure UM would create a new version of their offense to go with his qb's strength's.

My problem with the pro set offense FSU is currently running is that our offensive line is going to be out manned physically in quite a few games this season and I would like to see a little bit more creativity...

If you look back on former Seminole offenses you see the fast break offense , direct snaps to Dunn , reverses and Peter Warrick way back when running today's version of the Wildcat...

Where is the misdirection and the creativity that is sorely needed right now?

IMO Florida State needs to take on the personality of Bowdens early teams that were out manned and throw in more gadget plays...Why not put Givens or Reed in the wildcat in goal line situations if Ponder is too banged up to run an option? Maybe introduce a little wishbone offense with FSU's plethora of good backs..

How bout some halfback or reverse throws by some of the former high school qb's?

I am not talking about revamping the entire offense but it seems like when you can not out physical the other team up front it would make sense to set up plays to take advantage of the athlete's we have on the offensive line..

It seems to me to me that in games where Florida States offense seems to be stagnant a little creativity would go a long way..I know . I know Jimbo has scored a lot of points and the team has really moved the ball at times but it just seems that there is something missing and maybe throwing a few more gadget plays in the offense would be fun for the team..

It seems like they are not having much fun and look so flat at times...Maybe it is time to start having fun again....Who knows if the kids are having fun they might play better...Just one man's opinion........

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