ACC Roundtable

Brian and Jeff of BC Interruption are hosting the ACC Roundtable this week.  Our answers follow the jump:

Now that most ACC teams' non-conference schedules are winding down and we are starting league play, it's time to take the vitals of the ACC's play in non-conference action. Here is how the ACC fared against the rest of college football through 4 weeks (based on my back-of-the-envelope math).

BCS Conferences

vs. Big East 2-2 (.500)
vs. Pac 10 1-1 (.500)
vs. Big XII 1-2 (.333)
vs. SEC 0-2 (.000)

The Rest
vs. I-A Indep. 1-0 (1.000)
vs. MAC 1-0 (1.000)
vs. Conference USA 2-1 (.666)
vs. Sun Belt 1-1 (.500)
vs. Mountain West 1-2 (.333)
vs. 1AA 9-2 (.818)

Overall 19-13 (.594)

Comment on your team's (if applicable, sorry Miami) and the conference's non-conference performance through 4 weeks. As a conference, what head-to-head record against another conference stands out to you most?

Florida State is 2-1 in Non-conference play, with the ACC's best non-conference win (54-28 over #7 BYU, pulling their starters up 54-21, on the road).  The loss at home to USF was embarrassing, though I will contend that since neither Grothe nor Daniels can throw, Daniels is better for their offense because he is a better runner.  The record that stands out the most is the record v. the 1AA teams.  The bottom of the ACC this season, particularly Duke, Maryland, and Virginia, is very very bad.  In past seasons, we could count on them to take care of business and be respectable (except Duke).  That is not the case this season.

(Because we like to fan the ACC vs. Big East flames ...) The only BCS conferences the ACC has a .500 record against so far this year is the Big East (4 games) and the Pac-10 (2 games). Yikes. In a weekend where 2 of 3 Big East teams knocked off ACC teams, we have to ask. The ACC is still > Big East, right? Right??

Overall, yes, the ACC is better than the Big East, because it is much deeper and the top teams are better.  The Big East has 4 decent teams, and Syracuse/ Louisville, and someone else, who are about as bad as the bottom of the ACC.  

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is losing to a CAA team and 10 is getting the ACC some much needed street cred by winning the BCS MNC, how satisfied are you with your AD's non-conference scheduling this year? With the non-conference opponents your program has lined up over the next few years, will you be more or less satisfied?

Allow me to shamelessly plug my recent essay on this very topic.  

Last one, ESPN's College GameDay is heading to Chestnut Hill this week for Florida State (2-2) at Boston College (3-1). Both teams are unranked. Parts of the blogosphere are going completely ape s**t over the WWL's selection. Justify the selection (if you can). If not, tell us why you dislike the selection.

I'll link this post for that, it's better than what I have.  

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