Should I root for FSU this weekend?

In my endless quest to cause pain to myself I've read all I can find about the FSU/USF game.  In my reading I stumbled across AC's mailbag and this question in particular.

Trey (Orlando) writes: So how are school officials and decision makers viewing Bowden’s future? Is there any talk around Tallahassee about it? I love Bowden, but it may be time. Do you have an opinion on this matter?

Andrew Carter: I knew this question would be coming this week. Here’s the deal, Trey: I think we’re in a holding pattern at this point. Certainly, the 2-2 start has raised significant questions about the direction of this program. I think people thought that, worst case, FSU would be 2-2 right now. Well, the worst case has happened. If that continues, then there will be all sorts of questions about Bowden’s immediate future. And there are now, to an extent. But the thing is, FSU can still right the ship. It can still win the Atlantic Division, play for the ACC title, go to a BCS bowl, etc. But if the Seminoles lose this weekend, it could interesting – and ugly – in Tallahassee. As for my opinion, I do have one, but I’m waiting to see what happens this weekend.

After the jump I'll try and explain myself a bit better.

Obviously the big question following the USF game (and for years on here on TN) has been "how soon can Bobby leave?"  The rumblings for Bobby's departure have increased with each loss.  However, the USF loss seems to have accelerated the call for action.  My question is "do we root against FSU?"

With a poor season Bobby is as likely as ever to realize this team isn't close to winning anything anytime soon and he's not likely to be a coach when they are.  Would this signal to Bobby that now is as good as a time as ever to step down?  Would the school and boosters just Bobby thanks but no thanks on that 1-year contract next year?  Certainly they are all possibilities.

However, this would also reflect poorly on Fisher, who most people here seem to have confidence in, and would definitely hurt recruiting, which it already has.  I highly doubt that a poor season would preclude Fisher from becoming the Head Coach at FSU because FSU can't afford that but it might put him immediately on the hot seat and not give him a chance to put his ideas into place.  This could lengthen FSU's rebuilding effort drastically.

The alternative to all of this is that FSU is able to right the ship this year to the point where they finish with a respectable record and repeat a similar trek in 2010.  Certainly Bobby will hang around if he thinks FSU is "one player away" (why do you goad him Peter Warrick, why?).  What happens then?  Is there a fight amongst Bobby and the boosters/school as to whether or not he stays?  What if he wants some say in staff that he leaves?  What about a spurned staff member throwing a hissy fit? This would all look pretty bad in the press and it wouldn't shock me if the boosters/school caved in on some of his demands.

So, how 'bout it?  Who do you have this week?

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