My thoughts on the game ....

First of all, we didn't deserve to win. When you are inept in two phases of the game (defense and sp. teams), it's simply not acceptable to expect the offense to win the third phase enough to win the game. This is esp. true when the two phases that are lost are the two most important phases of the game, imo.

Second, this team is in big trouble. And if Fortson catches that ball, we still would have been in trouble. Now that I've seen us play, I'm very concerned that we will lose more games than we win. I say that not because we lost this game, but because of HOW we lost this game. Taking a quick look at the schedule, I see two types of teams that should give us trouble.

1) Big power running teams who can jam it down our throats (BC, VT, UF, NCSU)

2) Passing teams (BYU)

I don't know enough about USF to classify them -- Clemson is middle of the road and Maryland seems pretty bad.

My point is, I think we're staring a 5-7 win season in the face because we will not be able to stop at least BC, VT, UF, BYU and then we'll lose some of the remaining games.

Third, we've got the offense figured out. In fact, I think maybe Jimbo had too many toys in this game. There were some passing plays we could and should have gone back to, esp. in the first half when they were selling out to stop the run.

Specifically on defense, it was amazing to see how many times our safeties were out of position.


Player evals:

G. Reid -- obviously an impact player

Yarborough -- not as bad as I thought, but a sad indicator of our talent level that he is good enough to play

Mangum -- one of the worst defenders to ever don the Garnet and Gold in the modern era.

P-Rob -- if this game is any indication, vastly overrated.

J. McDaniel -- lots of talent, but long way to go.

Ponder -- cooled of a little, but had some chances for WR's to make big plays and they never came through. Great pass on last play of game when Fortson did his Jackie Smith impersonation

Ty Jones -- solid, but is so fumble paranoid, I worry he gives up yard by wrapping up so early and often


WR corps -- serviceable, but in the clutch, starting dropping passes, never made a HUGe play and was pedestrian after the catch, save for Easterling's nice TD.

O-Line -- pass protection was great, but run blocking was below par.

Bradham and D. Watson seem to be all we've got at LB.

Overall, this game tells me our offense has arrived and will get better.

Our special teams coverage units are in shambles and will not get better under the current regime.

And our defense is way to small and soft to stop teams with great athletes and or size.

REVISED WIN LOSS PREDICTION -- 6-6 (down from 7-5)



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