2010 football schedule... reality of it all


Well a year down and another one to go... The beauty of College football is that there really is no off-season. A few dead times, but hey they are college students and they can't go everyday. Speculation is half the fun of college football. Remember going in to the '09 season, everyone up on the Noles and no one expected the type of season that came to fruitition. Who knew that the defense would have been the evil of it all? I sure didnt. i thought just like everyone that the Offense would be the less talented... But i guess that is all part of it all. We know that there is always potential players have breakout seasons, but are the realities of all that happening?


  In my opinion it next year is going to be a  rough one... but there are hopes in there that many people dont account for. this may just be FSU's toughest schedule in a really long time. This past year was tough but i dont think that it carries much of a candle to this coming year. There are positives when play a rough schedule. Honestly, it is what made FSU who they are today. We are getting back to our roots. The Noles made it big by playing anyone anyplace... and most of the time it was on the road. In 2010 we got Oklahoma and a really good Miami team on the road. but hopefully we dont have to play Ga. Tech again.  



Florida Oklahoma
BYU Miami
Clemson NC State
Boston College Virginia
North Carolina Maryland
Wake Forest


there is hope with this Oklahoma Game... No Sam Bradford... but that is about it. They are always competetive. Always big. Always play hard. Yes we saw them and how they played with out Sam, but you know they will not let something like that happen again. They may not be as good as they were about 5-8 years ago, but they play tough football.  You kind of have to respect it.

Miami is getting their stride back. They take care of bussiness. However this is a rivalry game so you know the hate factor will be really high.  Miami seems to slip up against certain teams... but historically, FSU isnt one of them. Most of the time they are on their A game. They slip against North Carolina and the likes of them.

BYU... who knows... this game will be played at Bobby Bowden field so there is a big advantage there. However the cougars are not returning Max Hall and looking to get the new QB going ASAP. They have some issues. Historically we play them really really good.

 North Carolina is getting better and they are trimming the fat as well. One thing that rings true is that Butch Davis recruits really well... Again home game... last year they had the worst Offense in the ACC going against our horrendous defense.

Samford... Well i think this was scheduled for Bobby. Pound the crap out them? hmmm... lets remember Jacksonville State... They made us look REALLY bad...

Florida... no Tebow (thank God) no Meyer (maybe,,, who knows. lol)... no Charlie Strong.... all their eligible players are commiting to the draft. This is actually a do-able game and a possible win. Home Game... so that is helpful. John Brantley did not really impress me too much. however he was a sophomore and there is a big gap between a sophomore QB and a Junior QB. One thing i know is that he wont be the stud Tebow was.

Comes down to Defense... FSU's defense is going to have to be flawless. The talent is not where it needs to be. there are talented guys dont get me wrong.... Just not at Championship level. That group of guys need a gut check and i think it is coming or already has.

Go Noles!

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