Let's get to know the lesser known recruits that were offered & uncommitted

This is just an analysis of the lesser known recruits that were offered by FSU for 2010 according to the Orlando Sentinel website.  We all know the 5 star studs but many of the lesser known are 3 to 4 star recruits.  I will give a little insight of the recruit and my prediction of their choice of school.

Well lets do it:


According to the website none of the following committed QBs that have offers from FSU have FSU in the top 5:

Clint Trickett committed to FSU

Jeffrey Godfrey, Anthony Gonzalez, Austin Hinder, Nick Montana, Phillip Sims



Brandon Gainer (Miami Central)

Top schools: UCF, USF, UNC, Oregon, FSU, Tenn

The kid wants to go to FSU but he wants a package deal with 2 of his teammates (QB Jeff Godfrey, WR Joshua Reese) even thought the teammates are committed to UCF.  There could be a grades issue with one or two of the three players.  Plus UCF has already acquired 2 Rbs in this class.  Lets just say all three will not attend FSU due to the testing scores and grades.

Brandon Gainer video

Prediction: Before Levitt's firing USF but now UNC


Marcus Lattimore (Byrnes)

Top Schools: Auburn, FSU, UGa, South Carolina, PSU, Oregon

This kid is a stud but he fell from a 5 to 4 star during the season.  I was able to see the kid play in the Byrnes vs St Thomas game.  He had 3 fumbles in that game & he looked like Pop Warner player scared to run. He was timid running in the hole after the 1st fumble and could not catch the ball out of the backfield.

This is kid is a Ronnie Brown type player minus the Wildcat part & he is FAST for his size (6-1 213).  He has a shifty running style once in the open and runs you over like a truck when he needs to.

The kid has the grades to qualify with 3.0 + GPA.

Lattimore video

Prediction: South Carolina


Vincent Sanders (Noxubee County)

Top schools: Ole Miss, Miss ST, Southern Miss, FSU, Bama

This is a 6-3 WR with long arms and speed and plays with a mindset of Terrel Owens.  He lacks bulk but a few years with a good Strength & Coordinating coach he will bulk up to about 215.

I could not find any thing about his grades nor a free video.

Prediction: Ole Miss


According to the website none of the following non-committed OLs that have offers from FSU have FSU in the top 5:

James Stone, Damien Robinson, Wes Rea, Seantrel Henderson, Chaz Green, & Max Garcia


Will Tye (Salisbury)

Committed 01/16/2010


Kenneth Kirksey (Daytona Mainland)

I will be a journalist before I give my personal views on this guy.

This guy pushes the pocket which is something FSU have not seen since Dockett..  According to the video he plays more 0 technique than 1 or 3 so that could benefit FSU in the long run.  Jimbo wants the defense to be multiple formations instead of the 4 - 3 that Mickey used through the years.   While looking at the video, the O-line Centers & Guards seem to be a decent size (226 - 250) pounds.  With that said he seems to have very good leverage because he abuses the O-line.  I love his first step, he does not have wasted movement when he comes off the ball.  He seems to have a few moves such as the swim move and the bull rush which are very effective.  A few scouting reports say that he does not have a good motor but that can be taught to players that are willing to learn & adapt

Kirksey game film

Now for the bad, this kid is a knuckle head, thug, etc.   Jimbo wants grown-ass men but this guy wants to "keep it real".  He would have more offers but he has a few off the field issues.

I am not a fan of this guy but he could bring something to this team that the team has been lacking for awhile.  I do not want this guy on our team but people can change.

Prediction: FSU


Brandon Willis, Corey Lemonier, & Bjoern Werner were not included because we have recruiting info on the TN site.


Lemonier: FSU

Werner: Oregon


Akuna & Jones have already been featured on this site


Akuna: Oregon State

Jones: UF

CB & Safety

All corners and safeties have committed



Anthony Barr, Jeremy Deering, Christian Green

Barr: not in top 5 UCLA

Deering: FSU

Green: FSU

I wished that I could have included more videos but some sites are fee based.


If I have missed any of the 3 to 4 star lessor known players please let me know.


Go Noles

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