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Tebow excuses

Tebow for prez
My first fanpost btw, so I accept and encourage all forms of both constructive and nonconstructive criticism. 

After the senior bowl game, the next morning the only articles covering the information are above from the Orlando Sentinel.  Almost as if there was only one college football team from the state of Florida that had participants who were involved. I guess the 2 USF, 1 UM, and 3 FSU players have no fan base.  So the only relevant article to be written after this week of practice and then game is of the savior.  As I was reading the paper today all I could think of was how I always hear about the Sentinel Gator bias and I couldn't help but laugh.  

FSU has a corner in Patrick Robinson that was 2nd on his team in tackles and may have just played himself into the first round of the draft.  Myron Rolle also renewed his draft viability this week with the solid steady play we had come to know assuring him a spot in this year's draft, and I'm sure earlier than anyone expected out of a player that has taken a year off.  I hear Dekoda didn't hurt his draft status either but fares to be more of a  high potential type player not unlike Geno Hayes a few years ago due to being undersized. 

Somehow when covering this event I know I havn't heard a word of what USF's or Miami's players all week.  Being as Orlando is as Central a location you can have between all of these major college football programs I find it hard to believe they are informing even a moderate percentage of these fans in this very diverse college football fan area. 

Why is it that in a field of quarterbacks that truly isn't that impressive he "was probably the 3rd best" qb out there.  What stats back this up, his 2 fumbles in 2 drives that only lasted 11 plays total?  Maybe his crucial 4 carries for 4 yards.  He personally killed drives with fumbles and lead his team to 0 points.  I know this is a good bit harsh, I just think it's ridiculous how my newspaper covers college football.  It is nothing against Tebow, his mind, body, mechanics are just not meant to translate to the next level, it's no surprise that he didn't perform there.  So Tebow obviously did not help his draft status as a qb there while many other in state players did who were never mentioned or highly neglected all week. 

Well here's to hoping that a resurgent Seminoles in the next few years can balance my local paper.  Mayhaps so much as to even getting an article for Myron Rolle for president.  Makes way more sense to me than ol' 890 SAT's himself.  A smart, athletic, hard working ambassador who has experienced overseas and new things.  But oh well, for now when I read the paper it now literally says Tim Tebow for president.

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