Jimbo Fisher Sets New Tone for Florida State in 1st Meeting as Head Coach

This was posted last night.


That is the twitter account of Florida State freshman quarterback Clint Trickett.  Normally, it would seem quite odd for a January-enrollee to be discussing a culture change, as that freshman would never have experienced the previous culture.  But this freshman is different.  Clint is the son of Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett and brother of FSU graduate assistant Travis.  While Rick has done a remarkable job along with the other offensive coaches of changing the culture on that side of the ball, Clint undoubtedly heard the complaints from his father and brother about the attitude and antics that coach Bowden allowed over the latter part of his tenure.  And Clint was also around the team a lot this past year.  In fact, he had complained on facebook that his cell phone had been stolen from his bag in the locker room.  Those experiences make Clint uniquely qualified- possibly as much as any player on the team, including upperclassmen, to comment on the changes taking place.  From this tweet and other sources, we hear that what was allowable under the previous administration will no longer be tolerated under Fisher's watch, and that was made clear to the players.  Those who cannot live up to the requirements of the new rules will not be retained.

And this "new sheriff in town" meeting is incredibly important for Fisher.  Even though he is now the head coach, it would have been easy for the existing players to assume that the standards and expectations of the old administration would continue under Fisher's watch, as Fisher was on the previous staff.  As a change agent, Fisher needs to distance himself from the former staff as much as possible, and this was an important step in affecting change.

As for Clint Trickett, I would expect that his tweeting will be stripped or very curtailed.  Like his mentor Nick Saban, Fisher is going to lock down a lot of the social media that FSU players (and most people their age) currently use.  Fisher maintains a policy that freshmen may not speak to the media until they have made a "significant contribution", a purely subjective determination made by the coaching staff.  While twitter is not necessarily considered speaking to the media in the traditional sense, it is an avenue from which players can publicly voice their opinions.  Twitter, unlike Facebook, is generally a public account for all the world to see.  I would expect Fisher to stress that team matters stay "in house" and off twitter.


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Disclaimer: Editorial comments by MattDNole, direct your outrage at him, not Uncensored.

  • All the coverage of tonight's game you could ever want straight from TNation's motherland, SBNation.com
  • There's an interesting point / counterpoint going on over at ScalpEm.com about whether or not Bobby Bowden IS Florida State University.  I agree with NoleCC on this one, but duty demands I say "NoleCC, you ignorant slut."
  • ChantRant has some more first-hand reactions to FSU's new DE Coach, DJ Eliot.
  • UF tight end Aaron Hernandez has declared himself eligible for the NFL draft.  Many other UF juniors may do the same in the next week or two.  I'm being completely serious when I say that I hope Hernandez doesn't suffer a horrific injury that ends his career at the combine.  I really hope that doesn't happen.
  • The new senior writer for the Tallahassee Democrat, Ira Schoffel, introduces us to the new First Lady of Seminole Football, Candi Fisher.  Candi has already learned how to successfully reference both Bobby Bowden's wife and Nick Saban's wife in interviews.  I anxiously await the first interview with young Trey Fisher where he mentions everything he learned from Tommy, Terry, Jeff, Steve, John Boy, Sleepy, Ol' Dirty, and Lucretia Bowden and all of Nick Saban's 28 kids.
  • Ken Pomeroy's latest projections for the remainder of our basketball schedule.  You guys should pay more attention to the work TrueCubbie is doing with our basketball coverage.  Phenomenal.
  • With all due respect to our fearless leader, FSUncensored, and his current school of choice, Alabama sure does have an interesting way of counting.  Keep that in mind tonight when you see "12" everywhere and potentially tomorrow if all your Crimson Tide friends ask you if you "Got 13?"
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