I'm here for my crow, and my belly's empty.

THAT is why I never talk alot of trash before a Miami/FSU game.  I fully expected to get the win Saturday night, but I also knew to expect the unexpected. 


Great game by the Seminoles, matched with the worst Miami has looked all year equals 45-17 loss.  Y'all were, by far, the best team on the field Saturday night.  Hankerson regressed to freshman and sophomore form with his drops,. The D regressed to last years form with the inability to tackle (wrap up for God's sake).  All this, while giving up good starting field position for the Noles all night long.


The biggest play of the game?  The fumble by Berry that was returned to the one yard line.  That really took the wind out of the teams sails for the rest of the first half.  The offense never clicked after that, until the third quarter.


I actually got my hopes up during the third quarter and the first half of the fourth.  When the score closed to 31-17, it appeared we had the momentum.  I saw 2008 all over again, hopefully with a win this time.  Unfortunately  for me, it wasn't to be.


The lone bright spot?  In very limited action, Graig Cooper looked very good (considering it was a week before he was scheduled to return).


The biggest difference maker in the game?  Was it the QB's, RB's, Defense?  Nope, the differnce in the OLines was what really broke the game open.  Ours had been really playing over their heads all year.  They got exposed against a very solid Noles defense.  Give them some more time to develop together, and they can be special.  Seantrel, despite rookie mistakes, is still a beast.  That is the biggest 19 year old I've ever seen.


On the bright side Saturday, the Gators dropped their second in a row, the Tide lost, and USC lost.  So, the beatdown in Miami was overshadowed on SportsCenter.


I don't think we should have fallen out of the top 25 completely, due to that loss.  We're still better than alot of ranked teams.  True, we were exposed, but most teams don't have the athletes to duplicate what FSU did.


Do I think if we meet again, we would lose by 28?  Hell no.  I would expect FSU to be 7 - 10 point favorites, but I really would expect another ass whooping like that.


Congradulations on the victory, keep up the good work, and just do me one favor.  BEAT THE GATORS!!!!!!!!!  This loss will hurt so much more, if y'all turn around and lose to them.

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