ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit Showers 'Noles With Praise & ACC Notes

Herbstreit had really been in love with the Miami Hurricanes, until Saturday night.

Following the dominant performance by Florida State over the Miami Hurricanes, ESPN's Kirk Herbtreit had some very nice things to say about the 'Noles as he made his weekly radio rounds.  Herbstreit had really been in love with the Miami Hurricanes.  He hadn't had the chance to sit down with Jimbo Fisher as a head coach.  That all changed as the 'Noles destroyed ESPN's planned coronation of the Canes Saturday night.   Here is a transcript:

For the last eight years, nothing personal, but FSU has struggled mightily with Bobby there and Mickey's defensive philosophy and they've been picked apart and haven't been dominant.  

I don't want to exaggerate, but prepping for the game with Jimbo Fisher and Mark Stoops and breaking down the tape with them and looking at them, and then watching them the way they went about their jobs, wow.  This is a great rivalry.  These guys went out thre and operated, they dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides, they executed.  Their offensive line set the tone.  Their two backs, and that doesn't even include Ty Jones, they are great how they rotate them.  They have receivers with a couple veteran guys and a couple young guys, they have a good tight end.  

The secondary is the most improved area of any football team in 2010.  They are playing more zone.  Florida State is, wow, I just want to see them play again, I don't even care about who they play.  I walked out of that stadium and it wasn't 'what is wrong with Jacory [Harris]?', it was 'that Florida State team is good.'  

And with the way they are recruiting right now [FSU is blowing Miami out of the water and has a lead on Florida], and with Florida being down, with what is happening with UF, Florida State right now has a chance to become the team again in Florida with recruiting.  And with Jimbo Fisher finally giving this program some clarity and some direction, it's going to be very interesting to keep a close watch on the Seminoles because they are on their way to being back.  He's done a great job, he gets it, he's just attacked South Florida recruiting.     "FSU is maybe the best team I have seen play all year [meaning teams he has seen play live] - including Alabama, Ohio State, & everybody else."

On another station, he said:

I have seen the light with Florida State and I cannot wait to see them play again this week.  I've finally seen the light.  This isn't the FSU we've seen for the last 8 years.  This team is the real deal, and it wasn't Miami, it was Florida State.  Big, Strong guys.  Impressive offensive line.  Savvy QB, improving receivers, and some good backs in Chris Thompson and Jermaine Thomas.  Lonnie Pryor is amazing.  

The defense is the story of the year in college football.  They limit big plays and hit people.  You start to go down the schedule and if you're an ACC team like North Carolina State, or Clemson, or North Carolina, I'm telling you, if this team plays with the edge it had Saturday night, nobody in that conference can play with them.

Miami's stadium is as boring an atmosphere as I've ever seen for a college football game.  If Miami played Florida State ten times, FSU would beat them ten times.  FSU is a superior, superior team, to not just Miami, and again, maybe they lose that edge, but they seem to be playing with a chip on their shoulder, and it's kind of like "forget what everyone thinks, and Bobby Bowden, and all the naysayers"  I'll be shocked if anyone is able to hang with them in the ACC after their coming out party.

NC State is scoring a ton of points, but this is a different animal in Florida State.  It's not old FSU where they were unsophisticated and were just "we're bigger, we're faster, we have better athletes, and we're going to beat you".  It's not like that anymore.  They are more of an NFL team.  They will wear you down with an offensive line.  They dink, and dunk [hit the open stuff].  It's not just big play Florida State, it is wear you down NFL-style Florida State.  I can't wait to see how NC State handles that next Thursday night.

On Miami:

Miami quit.  There was no fight.  No leadership. Florida State just dominated them.  Is there any way to get Miami back on campus?  is there a plan?  Even if it is 40,000 seat stadium.  They must get back on campus.  It felt like a corporate, NFL atmosphere.  College football is very different from NFL.  The atmosphere there isn't conducive to playing inspired football.  I am not blaming the stadium, but it's not.  It is not a home field advantage.  It's the least of their worries, but it's not.  

On UF:  

go back to the 2008 SEC Championship game.  UF has played 14 SEC games, including that game, and has only had 2 of 14 games in which they had more than 400 yards total offense.  

In Mullen's last 14 games as OC at UF, the Gators had nine 400-yard games.  Yeah, it's Urban's offense not Mullen's.  Right.

Inside, get a UF writer's take on FSU's recruiting and see someone from UNC's program make fun of Clemson's staff!

Ask Aschoff 10/13 – The Scout Leader - Gator Sports - Gainesville, FL - Archive
W/ the Noles rolling in recruits, is the changing of Florida a perennial spot for top recruits from FL changing?

While poorly worded, I think I know where you are going with this question. I think that Florida State is finally giving Urban Meyer a run for his money when it comes to recruiting. It all started last year when coach Jimbo Fisher cashed in nicely at the end of the recruiting season. At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the class FSU first started putting together, but the more I look at it the more I like it. The Seminoles grabbed commitments from Tampa Plant athlete James Wilder Jr., who will be a solid linebacker running back at the next level. FSU likes both defensive ends the ‘Noles grabbed in Giorgio Newberry (Fort Pierce Central) and Terrance Smith (Decatur, Ga., Southwest Dekalb) [Smith is a linebacker]. Both are extremely athletic and pretty lanky.

I saw Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas wide receiver Rashad Greene at Gridiron Kings, and while I think he’s tremendously undersized [he is 6'0" 170], he’s got great speed and instincts. Greene’s teammate, offensive lineman Bobby Hart, is also a pretty solid addition to FSU’s class.

But of all the guys they’ve landed, I am most impressed with Davenport Ridge safety Karlos Williams. He was the MVP at Gridiron Kings and he is hands-down one of the best prospects I’ve seen this year. I still think Florida’s commit list might be a tad bit better because the Gators have more athletic recruits, but FSU is in the mix for a ton of top guys still uncommitted. West Palm Beach Dwyer tight end Nick O’Leary has been linked to FSU lately and so has defensive end teammate Curt Maggitt. St. Augustine Pedro Menendez linebacker Tony Steward will probably end up in Tallahassee when everything is over, giving FSU one of the best classes in the country.

FSU is also on the short list for a lot of top 2012 recruits as well and already has two verbals for next year. Seminoles recruiting is back, and it appears Florida and FSU are easily the top recruiting schools in the state.

While I think he sells FSU's class short (it's clearly better than UF's right now given that UF just lost a major athlete when A.C. Leonard de-committed and wants to go to Alabama), it's worth noting that a UF writer is giving FSU credit.


This, was unbelieveable. Letterman's Roundtable

"As much as I want to give all the credit to our players, I must say the failure of Clemson's offensive coordinator to identify our weaknesses played a big part in our success. Napier chose to stay in the no-huddle spread offense and let Kyle Parker continue to throw the ball. He mistakenly thought he could exploit our young corners. He was wrong.

He also failed to recognize our leader tackler -- Quan Sturdivant -- was in street clothes and his replacement Zach Brown was the fastest guy on the team and covered so much ground in the quick passing game as if he didn't watch the tape of the ECU game. He also didn’t notice that in the second half Jordan Nix was out and we were down to four defensive linemen. An experienced coordinator would've gone to two tight ends and pounded the ACC's leading rusher at us constantly. The reason I'm saying this is not to take away from our performance, but I want our fans to see the contrast. There are great recruiters out there and there are great game day coaches out there. There are very few that do both. Not only can our coaches recruit talent, but they can coach them, too. We have that in our coaching staff; we must keep this in tact. I will not -- and hope that all the readers don't want to -- go back to that feeling of four years ago."

Deems May, everyone.  Deems May excelled at tight end for UNC and was drafted in 1992, playing eight seasons in the NFL. He's since become a fan favorite for his candid commentary on the Tar Heel Sports Network.

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