Do you suppose Urban Meyer wants to hurt a reporter right about now?

I was digging through the "internets" looking for some material on the Chris Rainey issue.  And I found this.  Its a transscript of the 2005 SEC Media Days event.  Coach Meyer's interview.  The reason why I bring it up is because everyone (and I do mean everyone) simply must scroll all the way down and read the last question and answer.  But I'll save you the work and cut-and-paste it for you here.

Q. Coach, you seem to have been relatively free of off-the-field incidents since you have been at Florida. Do you have a policy of five and out? Three and out? One and done? How do you approach that?

COACH URBAN MEYER: First of all, if we do have issues, I want to come get you because you just jinxed us. [your|you are] like my wife when someone is pitching a no-hitter, she comes in in the 8th inning and says, "Do you realize there is no hitter going?"

I think media and administration, sometimes they're not the people that recruit the young man, they're not the people that know him, and everybody has got an opinion. I think each issue is different.

I would never wish some of the issues I read about on any person because you are dealing with young people's lives.

So do I one have a one year and out? Absolutely not. I have to know what happened. I have to know the issues involved. We do have a set of core values in our program. If they break a core value, good chance you are not playing football in Florida. Everything else is mistakes.

Do we have a one year and out? We deal with each issue as they come. Multiple issues, you have got a little problem. You have got a character flaw there. But everybody entitled to make a mistake.

So my first question is... You suppose Coach Meyer is trying to find the reporter that jinxed him?

Second question, and the ultimate point of discussion:  Does Urban Meyer have a realistic dicipline policy at UF?  Is he too harsh in some instances and too light in others?  And as the most recent instance involving Rainey may or may not demonstrate, does he generally give preferential treatment to his starters?  Not just at Florida, mind you.  I would also like to hear about his time at Utah, if he really has anything to go on there as far as discipline issues. 

Here is a follow on excerpt from an article on dated December 7th, 2009.

Of the 28 run-ins with police that Florida players have had since his arrival, 20 involved students Meyer recruited. He has been quick to suspend players from games, as in last summer's cases involving cornerback Janoris Jenkins (resisting arrest following a street fight; the incident will be wiped from his record if he stays out of trouble for the rest of the year) and linebacker Dustin Doe (driving without a valid license; sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation, 24 hours of work detail and a $600 fine). There have also been players who violated what Meyer calls "our core values" and were tossed for good.

Read more:

Here he references his "core values," which is what he is largely being held to account for today.  Many feel that Coach Meyer has violated his own core values by allowing Rainey back on the team.  His core values, as reported here on the NCAA Football Fanhouse site, are: 1. Honesty. 2. Always show women respect. 3. No drugs. 4. No stealing. 5. No weapons.  And as far as respect for women is concerned, he is reported to have torn into his athletes for not holding doors open for women.  Now enter Rainey and his text message fiasco.

Florida will apparently keep Rainey benched for the October 16th matchup with Mississippi State.  But is has been reported that he could return to playing status for the October 30th game against rival Georgia.  Its worth noting that Florida, currently ranked 87th in passing offense, 47th in scoring offense, and 96th in total offense (non-adjusted NCAA stats) will be playing against a Georgia squad that isn't exactly impressive in pass defense.  103rd in pass efficiancy defense and 57th in pass defense.  However, Florida's struggling running game (76th) probably won't cut it against Georgia's 24th ranked rushing defense.  Georgia is also 38th in scoring defense (Florida is 37th) and tied with our Seminoles at 28th in total defense. 

So is this Urban Meyer's way of giving a good kid a second chance?  Or is he trying not to lose?

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