A.2.D. on BC game


A). OFFENSIVE PLAY CALLING:  Folks, it’s a 12- game schedule and I highly doubt CJF is worried about the spread- and rightfully so.  Just as CJF sandbagged the first couple of games, it is highly likely our coaching staff did the same here.  It’s obvious given the pass/run ratio.  There is absolutely no reason to show the entire playbook against BC- especially with NCSU, UNC, and CU on the horizon.

 For me, the key point is this:  We made the essential calls when needed.  Obviously, Reed’s reverse for 6 sticks out, but how about the following examples:

  -The shotgun look w/CT23 and LCP24 on either side of CP7 in the red- zone.  Spaz literally spazzed and was forced to burn a TO.  If RS84 gets his foot down immediately after, we’ve got a TD.

-Fourth quarter off- tackle runs w/CP7 after sending Reed in motion.  These were among the most successful run plays of the afternoon and came in that crucial 4th quarter.  For me this is a key adjustment as BC stuffed the run all day.

-After burning the final timeout, do we really think the old regime goes for the win on 4th and 1 with ~3:00 minutes to go?

Remember TNation, the spread is merely a prediction- a WIN is THE expectation.  I think we passed that test.  We know we can win the close game.

2). DEFENSE:  We all recall how OU dismantled us with the no- huddle.  BYU and others attempted as well.  We saw how (un)successful that was.  Plain and simple, we learned from our mistakes and made adjustments after Norman.  We did the same here.

Without question, the game ball goes to Stoops.  After giving up 73 yards on the first play, I think he did a really good job of keeping our boys’ heads in the game.  Not too sure last year’s D would have done the same.  Feel free to substitute could as you wish.       

We got the sacks when needed- M.White’s (correct?) coming off LJ20’s blitz was a beautiful aggressive play call.  Speaking of aggressive, how about Tparks today? Noles, these are the plays that give CJF the confidence to take chances on 4th and 1 with the game on the line.  Doesn’t it almost seem as though our head coach trusts our D will make a stop?  Cue the sarcasm.

D).  CP7:  I’ll put South Carolina’s win against Alabama aside for a second and say this:  I’ll be very surprised if Spurrier ever recruits an elite quarterback to play for him.  Why?  Because he pulls them at the first sign of trouble and routinely throws ‘em under the bus.  That sends a message way worse than 3 INTs ever could (IMO).

Folks, BC’s 3-5-3 defense showed us a look that- If I’m correct in my assumption- we hadn’t seen all year.  I’m no defensive genius, but for me that lends itself to some pretty tight passing lanes in that crowded part of the field.  This might explain some of the floaters.

INT’s aside, Ponder didn’t play terribly.  He checked us into some good plays, and when the going got tough, he made sure the wheels didn’t fall off.

Sidenote:  While it didn’t look like he was in pain, he was wearing a white sleeve on his throwing arm reminiscent of the red one he wore after he bruised his tricep against OU.  FWIW, I don’t recall seeing this last week in Miami Gardens.

Go Noles  ----,----}}----,--->


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