Florida State's Win Over Boston College Is Most Impressive Win Yet Under Jimbo Fisher

In my opinion, while the win over Boston College didn't exactly play out as scripted, it was a win, and a win is a win is a win. So I'm going to share my belief that the win over Boston College last Saturday was the most impressive win of this season, so far.

What, you say?  What about the beat down and humiliation of Miami last week on the road? 

Unlike the Miami game where the Noles were firing on all cylinders for most of the game, this was a poor performance by FSU against BC when they repeatedly shot themselves in the foot.  This was a down-to-the-wire, grind-it-out battle that was in doubt until late in the fourth quarter, for the first time in Fisher's short tenure.  This was a game in which FSU was minus 4 in turnovers, and 3 of those turnovers resulted in 13 of BC's 19 points (one of the interceptions resulted in a pick six, another interception in our red zone resulted in a field goal, and a fumble which also lead to FG).  This was a game that was, according to Fisher, Ryan McMahon's and Andrew Datko's worst game of the season, and a game in which the receivers were running the wrong routes, and from what I could tell, in many cases they were running them lazily and half-assed.

And yet this was a game where the Seminole players never quit and one that the players never doubted they would win, and they did. 

As was posted in the Top Quotes After the Game Story, Jimbo Fisher, as well as many of the veteran players, acknowledged that this was a game they would have found a way to lose in the past.

That is why, in my opinion, this hard fought game is the most impressive of the 6 wins this season, so far, and for the first time since 2005 the Noles have managed to string together 5 consecutive wins.

On Monday, Jimbo Fisher echoed some of those same sentiments as the guest speaker at the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham, when he said he was prouder of the win over Boston College than the dominating performance the week earlier in South Florida against the Hurricanes.

"When it wasn't our day," he said, "the players could have felt sorry for themselves, but they figured out a way to win. To me, that's a positive sign. Now, we've got to get the problems fixed, but you have to win those games to have great seasons. I don't want us to think we've arrived or we're the best. You gotta remember why you had success."

On several occasions in the past, Fisher has said that you never really know how good you are until you play a bad game.  The Noles played a bad game against Oklahoma and were badly beaten, but they did not stop playing until the final gun. FSU again played a bad game on Saturday against Boston College, but this time they won.  This time they took over with just over 8 minutes to go and proceeded to run the ball, something they hadn't been able to do all game, down the Eagles throat, until the clock hit double zeroes. This time they did not play to not lose, but played to win.

I really liked what I saw from the Noles on Saturday and that is why I feel this was the most impressive win so far this season, including the total thrashing of the hated Canes. So from my perspective, I can see signs of progress and improvements all across the board, and I am optimistic about the rest of the season as well as the direction we are headed in the for the immediate future.

Please feel free to share any thoughts and opinions you may have on this subject.

On a side note, the team was off on Sunday and Monday. They will spend today through Thursday working on trying to eliminate the mistakes that have been driving the coaching staff crazy, then take Friday off.

"We're really battered right now," Jimbo Fisher said. "We're banged and bruised pretty good. We've had a couple big games emotionally.  I think we need to get our feet back on the ground and get our bearings,  and decide what we're going to do."

On Saturday the team will start their normal Monday schedule in preparation for the Thursday game at NCST.  If they manage to pull out another win on the road, it will go a long way towards helping FSU lock up the Atlantic Division, with the opportunity to battle Coastal Division champion for the ACC Championship in December.

Lastly, despite the less than impressive showing by Christian Ponder against Boston College last Saturday, he still managed to move into 4th place in the FSU record books, in career total offense, passing former Heisman winner Charlie Ward on that list.

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