'Nole Your Opponents

It's time for another edition of 'Nole Your Opponents, the weekly feature where we look at Florida State's remaining games.  Over the weekend, North Carolina lost to Miami, Clemson beat Georgia Tech, and Maryland won at Boston College.  But what really happened in those games?  What caused those results?  Inside, we take a look.  

North Carolina Tar Heels 10, Miami Hurricanes 33


  • Uh-oh!  The Canes might have realized Jacory Harris is awful & that running ball and playing to tremendous defense is better call.
  • Miami was much better at sustaining drives and winning third down, turnovers, and field position.  
  • UNC misses its excellent tight end (Zach Pianalto), but UNC is still a quality team. 6.7 per play against Miami is better than what Florida State did.  
  • It's pretty apparent that FSU completely out-schemed Miami, but the Canes are easily a top 25 team this season and a rematch will be no easy task.  
  • Playing UNC late in the season will help FSU as the attrition mounts.  
  • This win keeps Randy Shannon at Miami, meaning the top SoFla recruits will be #Noles and #Gators.

(HD) Game 7: Miami Hurricanes Highlights vs. UNC (10.23.10) (via rusty98um11)

Tar Heel Fan
On offense, bad T.J. Yates made a command performance not seen since last season. After starting 6-for-6 passing, Yates made bad decisions, took sacks, forced two passes that were intercepted, and generally had the yips as he was obviously pressing hard. Carolina had no consistency running the ball, as Johnny White and Shaun Draughn either broke off big runs or were stuffed for little gain. Dwight Jones had a solid night, but talented wideouts Jheranie Boyd and Erik Highsmith may have well stayed in Chapel Hill. Defensively, attrition finally caught up with the Heels as LeCount Fantroy did not play and Da’Norris Searcy and Mywan Jackson were injured early, meaning Deunta Williams and five backups, including three freshmen, tried to hold down the fort in the defensive backfield, but in this case the fort was the Alamo (Quan Sturdivant did not play yet again either). After an early interception, good Jacory Harris showed up and, receiving only token pressure from UNC’s front four, picked apart Carolina’s baby-filled secondary while Miami’s running backs churned out yardage on the ground. And there is no word if Butch Davis and Everett Withers stayed behind to meet with local police to file missing persons reports on UNC’s linebackers, who were non-factors.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Report – UNC @ Miami
Good take here.

Depth Issues Have Caught Up With UNC
During the first half of the season, the Tar Heels found ways to fill the holes left in their lineup as a result of the NCAA investigations. In some ways, the absence of some players (Marvin Austin, Greg Little) may have actually triggered the emergence of others (Quinton Coples, Dwight Jones).
But while the first six games were proof that Butch Davis had indeed amassed the depth he so cherishes, it was not a bottomless well. Maybe the loss of trusted tight end Zack Pianalto was the tipping point. Or perhaps it was the loss of cornerback Mywan Jackson to a groin injury during Saturday's game at Miami. Take your pick. The inevitable bursting of the dam occurred in the second half against the Hurricanes, who scored the game's final 30 points en route to a 33-10 win.
Jacory Harris didn't exactly look sharp (more on that later) but was smart enough to pick on the players forced into service in the depleted secondary - redshirt freshman corner Terry Shankle in particular. Harris' second and third touchdown passes were hardly things of beauty, but in both cases, his experienced wideouts - Travis Benjamin and Leonard Hankerson - made adjustments when the ball was in mid-flight to come down with the catch. Those were moves that juniors and seniors make, and freshmen learn about - often the hard way.
So the talk about UNC making an unlikely run to the ACC title game has quieted. So to have arguments for T.J. Yates as a potential ACC offensive player of the year (12-of-21, 140 yards, 2 interceptions against Miami).
Now, at 4-3, UNC's sights are lowered toward achieving bowl eligibility. With William & Mary and Duke still on the schedule, that should be doable for the Tar Heels. But that may be the ceiling of what's achievable now, with Florida State, Virginia Tech and N.C. State also waiting in the next four weeks.



Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 13, Clemson Tigers 27


  • What can you say?  60% out-gaining of the opponent is sick.  
  • Georgia Tech is awful up front on both sides and has a running back playing quarterback.  
  • Clemson figured out giving the ball to Ellington and not fat-boy Harper is the right move. Smart.
  • FSU should be able to copy the Miami and UNC game plan against Clemson, because it has decent defensive talent, unlike Georgia Tech.
  • ShakinTheSouthland has more than you ever care to know.  

Maryland Terrapins 24, Boston College Eagles 21


  • Now project only 8 #ACC bowl teams unless BC can win 4 of last 5 (very possible).
  • Spaz is a really good defensive mind. 3.3 yards per play allowed? Bet FSU would pay him to leave the ACC.
  • Maryland had three touchdown drives and all three started in BC territory. 
  • Eagles have no receivers or offensive coach.
  • Boston College has a great defense and would have winning record if offensive coordinator wasn't 70+ years old.

Other Notes

Mizzou had 10-points on two drives beginning within Oklahoma 30.

As I predicted, Virginia Tech went on a run against a terible slate of ECU at BC at NC State CMU WF & Duke. You buy VT?
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