Doak Improvements/Renovations You'd Like to See?

I posted this in the Saturday Night Game Thread but figure it might get a little more burn here.

Do you think adding sideline seats to get the fans closer to the playing surface would be a good idea at Doak? We could even get closer at the endzones. There's quite a bit of space there as well. The intention is not to "expand" the stadium or to necessarily make it louder. In my mind it's simply a fan experience thing. Being closer to the field would likely create more noise however, which wouldn't be an unwelcomed side effect. And I really don't see it adding that many seats, so while it would technically expand the stadium, I wouldn't label it as such. More like "renovations". I wouldn't say these are "needed" changes, but enhancements that in 5-10 years may be viewed as better than what we presently have.

Here's a picture of the current sideline space. Here's a picture of the current endzone space.

This would be the newer sideline and the newer endzone.

On the sideline picture I also "made" the Seminole head bigger, like we've now done on the basketball court (new basketball court) and I think we should look at making the "bedsheets" that display our accolades into a solid wall on either side of the relatively new speaker box while still displaying our accolades, of course. I just think the sheet is incredibly tacky and low budget. During day games, at least when I was in the student section, and would look up, I could see right through it and could not read the accomplishments at all. And some camera guy would cut out a hole in it anyways for a clean view. No more of that, please.

In the endzone view I not only made the front row stands closer but also the band's section as well. Would only seem fair to keep them the same distance as previously by just extending that center section an equivalent amount. You would do the same with the tunnel above the student section as well.

I'm not sure how many rows would be added by getting the fans closer to the field (maybe 10 rows at midfield and 10 in the endzone?) or how many feet the field would have to be lowered to accommodate said rows. I'm not sure about the water table or "flooding" issues, but I'd imagine a good drainage system would take care of most rain runoff concerns.

Also, some people suggested awning type structures like this and this to increase crowd noise. Good ideas. Oregon and Washington use them. I just don't think they're feasible with Doak's press boxes and suites. And harper.rb had said he was told by an engineer (see Night Game Thread) that when Doak was renovated in the 90's that it was set up to accommodate an upper deck if there was future expansion. I assume that goes for expanding the seating at the Northwest/Moore Center endzone also to completely fill in the bowl. Again, though, my idea isn't that of expansion, but figure stuff like that will be mentioned anyways, so that's my little fyi from harper.rb.

And we could always discuss the underbelly of Doak (concessions, lighting, restrooms, entertainment, etc.), but, alas, I have no pictures of that and my MS Paint skills aren't advanced enough yet to provide quality blue prints for improvement.

Anyways, thoughts?

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