Tomahawk Notes 10.27.10: Beware Weeknight Games

Not much out of yesterday's practice report.  Here's the injury/ suspension report as I see it.  Starters in bold, key backups in italics).

RB:  Tavares Pressley (knee- career over)  
WR:  Jarmon Fortson (kicked off team- fall camp)
OL:  David Spurlock (concussion), Blake Snider (lower leg), AJ Ganguzza (back)
DT:  Moses McCray (ACL done for year), Cam Erving (back)
LB:  Nigel Carr (kicked off team- fall camp)

Three of those guys have been done for the entire year.  I continue to list them because they were on the early release of the fall roster and Phil Steele counts them as players missing.  The only new addition is David Spurlock, who could  be done for the year with his concussion issues.  2nd-year guard Bryan Stork will take his place.  Stork is a high motor player who shouldn't represent an enormous dropoff from a healthy Spurlock.  Heck, he might even be better than the concussed and confused Spurlock we've seen over the past few weeks.  

Here's a look at all of the week-day road favorites of less than a touchdown so far this season.  Take from this what you will, but the big wins have come by 

Auburn -1 @ Mississippi State- struggle all game but Auburn pulled it out by 3.
Cal -2.5 @ Nevada... Nevada beats Cal by three touchdowns.
Miami -4 @ Pittsburgh... Miami wins by 28
BYU -4 @ Utah State... Utah State wins by 15.
UConn -4.5 @ Rutgers... Rutgers wins 27-24
Kansas State -3 @ Kansas... Kansas State wins by 52
Cinci -2.5 @ Louisville... Cinci wins 35-27

One commonality I have picked up on during my years of watching college football is that the home team in these weeknight contests has a greater ability to pick up crowd momentum than it would in a normal game.  Maybe it is the crowd knowing class is cancelled the next day.  I don't really know.

Speaking of craziness on a Thursday night, does anyone remember Tom O'Brien's ridiculous decision to PUNT from Florida State's 33-yard line two years ago?  What an incredible gift.  It doesn't matter if it is 4th & 20 (was 4th and 13), a punt in that situation is just horribly miscalculated and shows a great lack of understanding of the point value of field position relative to a specific spot.

Also, does anyone remember how UNC inexplicably stopped running the ball last season?  The Tar Heels were running for 7 yards a carry and they elect to start chucking it around the yard, allowing for an FSU comeback.

FSU hopes its consecutive Thursday night streak of opposing coaches making dumb decisions reaches three.  

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