Top Quotes Following Florida State's Win Over Maryland

105ze52_mediumFlorida State's Bert Reed runs the ball for a touchdown as Maryland's Trenton Hughes gives chase during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, in College Park, Md.  GAIL BURTON / AP PHOTO

*  "I tried to say it on Thursday or Friday when I talked to them – I don't care, as crazy it sounds, what happened to North Carolina and North Carolina State That doesn't matter. If we're going to go where we're going to go as a program, we've got to develop a mentality of winning and a culture of winning no matter what the circumstances, no matter who does what …I told them, I don't care what happened in that [N.C. State] game today."  -Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, who allowed his players to watch N.C. State beat North Carolina earlier in the day, on how the outcome of that game did not affect how the Seminoles approached the Maryland game.

*  "The offense kind of sputtered here and there and the defense made plays when they had to."  -Christian Ponder

*  "We make it interesting."  -Jimbo Fisher on his fourth straight game that has gone down to the final minutes.

*  "We already had talked about it: If we scored, we were going for two."  -Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen on the Terps final drive.

*  "He had a rough first half, but that shows a lot of character; he battled back. That's what we need out of Bert. We need those kind of plays out him."  -Fisher on Bert Reed

*  "That is going to happen, they have tremendous athletes in space and I was worried about how we were going to hold up against that. We did a pretty good job for most of the game, but it just takes one play."  -Friegden on Bert Reed, who weaved his way 44 yards for the go-ahead score and watched two defenders fall in his wake.

*  "He made a real nice play on that drag and showed lot character by bouncing back."  -Fisher on Reed, who dropped a pass in the first quarter that killed a drive.

*  That was a big play in the game to get us back. It got momentum on our side,"  -Ponder on dropping back and passing over the middle to Reed, who made several defenders miss on his way to the end zone.

*  "No matter what, you’re at least the co-champion of this (division), and that was one of our goals, to be champions of this league. We did what we could do. We had a chance to be 8-0, we didn’t get it, but six wins is where we’re wanting to go. It’s a step in the right direction. I’m very proud of these guys. These seniors can at least say they were co-champion of this division no matter what happens."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "We practice that every day in practice so I was real anxious.  I looked at before I got in position and saw it would be open to the outside."  -Mike Harris, on taking Shawn Powell's shovel pass that completely caught Maryland off guard, then racing down the left sideline for a 33-yard gain for an important turning point in the game.

*  "Our defense did a good job in the second half creating things, controlling the line of scrimmage and giving us some opportunities."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "Toward the end of the game, they started to put more pressure on us and that really had an impact on our execution."  -Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin

*  "We won the turnover battle, and that's critical."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "The tale tonight was turnovers. We had not been doing that. The bottom line is when you turn the ball over, you're going to lose. We made a lot of mistakes, but we're getting better. We're going to beat one of these teams pretty soon. We are very close. I see it."  -Terrapins coach Ralph Friedgen

*  "I was getting kind of tired so I looked up at the scoreboard to see how many people were behind me so I could slow down.  I guess I kind of redeemed myself for the dropped pick. I was kind of mad about that. But I guess I redeemed myself in a big way. It felt good."  -Nick Moody, who had a career-high 13 tackles, on how he still felt badly about a ball he knew he should have intercepted earlier in the game.

*  "That was a phenomenal play. I was telling the knucklehead to get down. But that was a great play by Nick."  -Fisher on wanting Moody to go down so the Seminoles could run out the clock.

*  "My focus will be on the Gators.  You can’t come into that game an not be completely focused because they will beat you."  -Bert Reed

*  "It was huge. We’re co-divisional champions. Hopefully Maryland takes care of business next week, but for us to get this many wins in the ACC, it’s been a while for us. I think this program definitely took a huge step forward this year. I told all the Maryland guys we’d appreciate it if they’d beat up on N.C. State."  -FSU quarterback Christian Ponder

*  "We should have scored more points in the red zone. I made some poor calls in the red zone, (our offense) overcame me."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "We wanted more. We wanted to go to the ACC championship and everything, but maybe it will work out in our favor and maybe not, but one of our goals was to win at least six ACC games and we’re glad we met that goal. I think we’re going in the right direction as a team and as players on this team."  -Chris Thompson, whose 70-yard touchdown run in the first quarter gave FSU a 7-3 lead.

*  "We've done all we can do. You wish you had it in your control, but that was an option we could have taken care of a couple weeks ago (NC State owns the head-to-head tiebreaker with FSU due to a 28-24 win they met on Oct. 28). Our focus is on the Gators now and we'll let them play it out next week."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "We’re pleased. We think we definitely could've did better in the close games if we had less mistakes, less self-inflicted wounds and things like that, but we can’t do anything about that now. Hopefully next week we get good news between Maryland and NC State. We just have to worry about Florida now." -Nick Moody, whose 96-yard interception return for a touchdown sealed the win. 

*  "I say this all the time -- winning is a culture and it’s a habit. It’s not only winning on the field, it’s the way you walk, you talk, you eat, you breathe, you believe. And everybody in the organization -- not just the players and the coaches -- but everybody who affects those kids has to have that mentality. That’s what we’re starting to bring back. It’s going to be a process. We knew it was going to be tough. We’re nowhere close to where we need to be, but we’re learning to get the mentality, and that’s what I’m happy about."  -Jimbo Fisher

*  "I’ll bet if you took a poll of our fans it would be a win over Florida."  -Christian Ponder on if he thought the FSU fans would rather have a win over Florida coupled with an N.C. State win, meaning FSU finishes the regular season 9-3 but misses out on the ACC title game and thus a chance to play in a BCS bowl, or a loss to the Gators coupled with an N.C. State loss, meaning the Seminoles would be playing the next week for the ACC championship with an 8-4 regular season record.

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