Tomahawk Notes 11.23.10 (Highlights Added)

Injury Notes

Willie Haulstead (concussion) was back at practice and coach Fisher said he thinks he will play.  That's big as FSU definitely missed Haulstead against Maryland.  I am not sure which way I am leaning, but certainly will not pick FSU to beat UF if Haulstead is out.  

As we said last week, Jermaine Thomas (knee) and David Spurlock (two serious concussions) will be out until at least the bowl game, if they return at all this year.  FSU will continue to use its fifth right guard on the year.  


I know many of you don't pay attention to the fanshots and even the fanposts.  You should, but in any case here is a portion of a great article on FSU's recruiting.  

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Seminoles make it seem like old times - ESPN

Somewhere along the line, there was a slow erosion with FSU football and recruits started looking elsewhere. Before long, Bowden was out and Jimbo Fisher, the coach-in-waiting, officially took over in December 2009.

Since then, it seems the Seminoles have been trending up on the recruiting front. Last year, after landing quick commitments from five-star linebacker Jeff Luc and five-star cornerback Lamarcus Joyner, Fisher reeled in the nation's sixth-ranked class.  [FSU was 42nd the day Bowden retired]

This year, he's on pace to beat that. And make no mistake, it all starts with Fisher.

"Jimbo Fisher is real straightforward and I like that about him. He doesn't sugarcoat anything," said four-star safety Karlos Williams, the Seminoles' highest-ranked recruit. "That's just the way it is with him."

But Fisher can't do it alone. His coaching staff is hitting all the right notes with recruits.

"There is definitely a different chemistry there. They are younger coaches who seem to get along better and they have jelled better," Williams said. "They also relate better with the kids."

Fisher and his staff understand what it takes to win the recruiting wars. They all know it's a daily grind because they're battling Florida, Miami and everyone else that recruits the Sunshine State. There are no easy wins. Want a strong presence in South Florida? Then get ready to battle the Miami staff. The Seminoles not only have to fight off Alabama and Georgia, but they also want to be able to go in those states and snag a prospect or two. It's an uphill fight, but one the Seminoles coaches keeps finding a way to win.

Florida State has also done as good of a job as anyone in the country in keeping pace with the acceleration of the recruiting process. The coaches are on recruits early, getting them on campus and selling their message. FSU has made junior days in the winter and spring as well as summer camps a very important part of its recruiting process.

FSU's resurgence on the field has had a big impact with recruiting because recruits can see the progress. While there have been growing pains under Fisher, there is noticeable improvement. ...

We will have a recruiting podcast before the bowl game, but this class is shaping up to be really special.  Currently rated third in the country by ESPN and even Rivals (who is making an attempt to fix the debacle that was its earlier state of Florida rankings), FSU plans to take at least five more prospects and could, if every single thing breaks right, take up to twenty nine.  I was a law student at Alabama when Saban put together the ridiculous #1 class in 2008, and the reaction my classmates had back then to that class is the same I now have for this class.  I am not saying that Florida State will have the top class, but how nuts is it that an ACC program fighting for bowl eligibility just a season ago could be contending for the top spot?  

No, FSU won't dominate the way it did for that stretch during which Spurrier stopped recruiting and Miami was coming off probation, or the way that UF did while FSU had self-imposed probation with Bobby and Miami had with, well, they are still having those issues.  No team will dominate the state without serious stumbles from the other two powers.  But with Miami taking a serious tumble, there's enough talent for both the 'Noles and Gators to consistently maintain two of the best fifteen programs in the country.   Dividing by two is better than dividing by three, and with both FSU and UF likely to sign top-five classes, dividing the state by two is happening.

 There is no doubt that Fisher will fix this roster over the next two seasons.  It will be interesting to see what they can do with a kid with the talent (but not the rap sheet) of a Jarmon Fortson.  By that I mean FSU had to take some risks to get talented kids that other schools perhaps didn't want as much late in the process as they did early on.  Risks will still be taken, but perhaps fewer risks.  FSU is now competing for a different level of athlete.  By 2012 I expect to see 45 new players on the roster.  The level of talent on this team is just not what it needs to be to compete at the very highest level.  But it looks like it will be by 2012.  

 Additionally, I know many have complained that ESPN left Alabama at #2 ahead of Florida State, despite FSU having more ESPNU150 commits than the Tide.  What you might not realize is that Bama has the Aussie,  Jesse Williams.  ESPN doesn't use a strict mathematical formula to do its team rankings and because of that has some leeway in deciding to keep Bama above Florida State.    

On a bonus note, here is a short video of FSU commitment Rashad Greene

Rashad Greene Senior Highlights (via EliteScouting)



4th and 14 Croc Announcers (via brewmeone)

Rix to Sam Croc Announcers (via brewmeone)

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