SATURDAY UPDATE: I've been closely watching the NWS and they have switched from snow to rain 3 different times since 7am this morning. I think that at the start of the game it will be rain and a rain/snow mix during the game. I don't think that the game is going to be a washout. I think there will be periods of rain and periods of just plain COLD COLD temps. The winds will be gusty, up to 15mph at times also. So if you are there at the game make sure you have a water proof layer on top of all the warm layers!

FRIDAY UPDATE: Alright, this weather has really been a thorn in my side all week long. This storm was supposed to just skirt by Charlotte and only produce a few light showers and not really impact the game. But as weather sometimes does he we are on Friday and I'm going to have to make some drastic changes on the timing of the precip. This storm is supposed to really gen up as it enters the Appalachians. I stated yesterday that this storm would hold off until the after the game. But i believe there is enough evidence with models now that this storm will be over the region at game time. Its hard to tell right now the intensity and exact locations of the precip bands, but be assured it will be over the stadium at kickoff. The percip type will be a mix of rain and snow in the beginning and then turning into snow later in the night.

2000 - Texas A&M vs MSU- the Snow Bowl (via IndyBowlMedia)

So as of right now expect a soggy game. Its going to be cold and windy. Ill continue to keep a close eye on this and update tomorrow afternoon. Even though mother nature has made me look like a fool this time, the weather could play into the 'Noles' hands. Check back tomorrow for a final update. GO NOLES!


Previous updates

Wanted to get this out early due to the significant weather that could set up over the south east today and tomorrow. An advancing cold front will have a ton o moisture and and a significant low level jet moving with it. These factors along with others will pose a threat for wind and hail damage and tornado's. This will mainly be seen across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Keep your eyes peeled. If you live in this region please pay close attention to the weather today.

On a good note, the weather again will be great for football again! If your going to the game dress warm. Its going to be cold as.......You should expect temps to be near 35 with cloudy skies and winds near 10-15mph 20% chance of precip at the start of the game but increasing to near 50% by midnight.Check back on Wednesday for an update. GO NOLES! 

Wednesday update: As pointed out below in the comment section there is a chance for a winter mix now. I'm not sold that it is going to happen yet. I'm going to interrogate it more tonight and take a look at a few things and give an update in the morning. So for now I'm going to stick with what Ive got.

Thursday update: After further interrogation of the incoming system I have come to the conclusion that there will be a small chance for precip. I believe that it will be to warm on the surface for snow so if it does drop anything its going to be either rain or one of the many freezing types. And to explain that would take way to much time and I'm sure that many of you would still have no clue what I'm talking about. The reason for my decision to change the chance for precip was due to a large blocking high off the northern New England coast that appears to be moving a little quicker than I first thought. With this high moving quicker, the current low that is sitting up in New England will move further north and be unable to absorb this low that is generating in the northern Rockies. It looks as though this low will dig into the Tennessee River Valley and then make a sharp retreat to the northeast. With all that said, if this game goes late into the evening the chances for precip will increase. As always ill keep everyone up to speed on the situation. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll respond as soon as I can. I've adjusted the forecast above to represent the changes. GO NOLES!

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