Stats from the Loony Bin - Staying on the Brightside


After having watched college football with the most passionate of people, I find myself detached from reality. While many people are calling into question the talents of our new staff due to some glaring weaknesses of our current team, many people are missing where FSU is really shining right now.

(1) Our offense is not THAT bad. Our offense, in fact, is quite good. While we all are witness to the weak wide receiver play, some really interesting facts come up when looking at our offensive production against North Carolina. First. though, let me start off with some subjective observations about our team this year:

Fisher means business. I.E., Jarmon Fortson. No matter how talented you are, you do not get to dick around.

These wide receivers are EJ's. With Ponder's injury this off-season, Ponder just didn't get to bond with these new guys like EJ has SINCE BEING ON PRACTICE SQUAD. Ponder and EJ's playbooks are totally different. EJ's playbook is about  athleticism...running, rolling the pocket; Ponder's playbook is about timing. The receivers, if you haven't noticed, do much better on broken plays/long developing plays (EJ's forte it seems)

Why don't we play EJ? Experience, and also, I believe Fisher is invested in the idea that Ponder is an NFL caliber qb (which I still agree with)

The stats from UNC:

FSU outgained UNC by 2 yards while having the ball 4:10 LESS than UNC. That is 21 yards a minute compared to UNC's 17.64 yards per minute.

How did FSU outgain them? Special teams. While the FSU offense generated nearly 100 yards less than UNC's, FSU's special teams generated 100 yards more than UNC. Combine that with Shawn Powell averaging nearly 50 yards a punt, and UNC has terrible field position all day.

On 33 careers UNC's offense generate 1 ypc. While their passing attack more than made up for this, you can take solace in the fact that FSU's defense stopped SOMETHING. You don't go from 105th in the nation to top 25 in 1 year. That would essentially mean that the talent was there but the coaching was not. As we can see, something is still not there and you can either believe that it is the coaching or the talent. I would believe it is the talent. Guys need time to develop. Roster depth is not there to perform @ full level for 4 quarters.

I'm tired. Whatever.

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