Twas the night before kickoff-Noles Style

This is my first post and hope I am following the rules. Hope I am posting this in the right area. If not, Please be gentle.

I re-wrote twas the night before kick-off and pimped it Noles style.

Hope you enjoy!

'Twas the night before Kickoff, in every fans house

Not a fan was sleeping, just ask their spouse;

The magnets were placed on the car with care,

In hopes that the gayterds beat down would soon be there;

The players were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of touchdowns danced in their heads.

The die-hards with their programs tucked in their laps;

I forgot to set the DVR oh what the crap.

I turned to ESPN, and there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my chair to hear what was the matter.

I turned the volume just another notch,

What do you know they don’t get the Noles a shot.

Turned that crap off, the TV all a glow

Heather Dinich and them are losers what do they know?

I turned to my favorite webpage without hesitation,

And read the pregame matchup on Tomahawk Nation,
I read about the injuries, it gave me a scare.

Some not likely for the game, but we need them all there!

I read about Brantley, Burton, and Reed,

But their three quarterback option really didn’t bother me.

Because I remembered our defense has a strong front seven

Knowing this game will be a match made in heaven.

I worried about Ponder and his elbow again

And wondered with the others maybe would should put EJ in.

I shook my head no and said with a shout…

The gator streak ends here without a doubt.

So I jumped in the car and sped to the game

Knowing 82,000 others would be doing the same.

I got to the stadium watched the noles take the field

Knowing the fate of the gators would soon be sealed.

Warchant a blaring brought a tear to my eye.

Wondering if I should text Rainey, it’s time to die

The noles take the field and put up 3

No offense Hopkins, but I want a TD!!!!

Brantley and the Gators get on the board

Then I find out they won’t show the Maryland score.

What another fumble recovered by Rhodes?

Urban getting angry, think he’ll explode!

No need to fret about the gayterds and meyer

Look to the end zone I see Lonnie Pryor.

Eat that terds, and your stupid jaws song.

We’re about to prove all you haters wrong.

Saw the punt fake coming from a mile away

Doak is rockin and we come to play.

I look to the field and what do I see?

An amazing hit on demps by my boy Moody.

24-7 we are up at the half

Ponder mocks the gator chomp, man that made me laugh.

The second half only gets better with false starts and INT’s

A full 30 minutes of the Noles dominating

The streak has ended for the gayterds and urban cryer

Forget addazio it’s him they should fire.

The players take the gator head and hold it way up high

All the while the fans are singing nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye.

What a night to remember I’ll never be the same

We are state champs and on our way to the ACC Championship Game!

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